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Palestine Fundraiser In Baglarbasi
A fundraising event was held for the benefit of Palestine, in Baglarbasi Haldun Alagas Sports Complex, on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Over 3000 people attended the event.
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 17.05.2010

In order to raise funds for “Palestine Our Route, Humanitarian Aid Our Load” campaign, an event was held in Baglarbasi, Istanbul. A number of NGOs gave their support to the event organized by IHH (The Foundation For Human Rights And Freedoms And Humanitarian Relief). Baglarbasi Sports Complex was packed with over 3000 people.

The event program started with recitations from the Holy Quran. Video screenings on the embargo and the true story of the Palestinian cause followed. Bulent Yildirim, President of IHH, gave a speech after the screenings. In his speech, Yildirim noted that the ships that will break the embargo on Palestine will embark on their journey on Friday the 21st of May from Sirkeci, Istanbul and he also invited everyone to the ceremony for sending the ships off.

Yildirim announced that Sheikh Raed Salah, known as “the protector of Al-Aqsa Mosque”, will also be joining the flotilla onboard, added that those ships will provide all Palestinian refugees in the world with a chance of returning to their homeland. 

Yildirim, noting that in order to stop the flotilla, Israel will line up with more than half of its naval forces, said “We heard that Israel is preparing half of its navy to tackle our 9 ships. So, if we decide to sail on with 18 ships the next time,  then they will have to utilize all of their naval forces. However, our ships are going to be full of people with determination and conscience. We will never step back. Our real aim is to make Israel’s illegal attitude known to world public, even to people in the remotest parts of Africa.” 

The event ended with melodies from Grup Genc, a band famous for their religious music.    

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