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Palestine Is Waiting For Your Help
Eymen Halid, a writer for Al Quds Al-Arabi newspaper, also the editor of Palestine Today website, during a panel in Gaziantep, said “Our brother Palestine is waiting for our help. Those ships mean a l
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 23.04.2010

Eymen Halit noted that IHH (The Foundation For Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief) is more active than the UN when it comes to helping Palestine, while he gave information about the latest situation in Palestine to a group of representatives from the local NGOs in Gaziantep and members of the press.

“Life in Gaza is like serving in prison”

Eymen Halid said “Our brothers and sisters in Palestine are waiting for your help. Those ships mean a lot to Palestinians. This is a historical moment. I am hoping that all people in Turkey will support this project.” Eymen Halid, pointing out to the hardships that the Palestinians and especially people in Gaza are going through, added “Gaza is experiencing a very difficult situation at the moment. Gaza needs help right now. They have been living under an embargo for more than 3 years. Nowadays, it is getting even more severe than before. The occupation has reached such a stage where I cannot even describe. Life in Gaza is like serving your time in prison at the moment.”

“Palestine is awaiting the ships”

Adem Ozkose, another speaker at the panel, works as a reporter for Gercek Hayat Dergisi, said that a frontier of Gaza conflict is named Istanbul, adding “Palestinians named the flotilla ‘Noah’s ark’. I hope that, God willing, despite all the Israeli efforts to stop the campaign, the flotilla carrying humanitarian aid and volunteers to Gaza will reach its destination and that route will never get closed again.

Also stating that they will never give up against the potential obstructions and attacks by Israel, Ozkose said “Palestinians are waiting forward to arrival of those ships from Turkey. The aid delivered by the people from Turkey exceeds the aid coming from the UN and the arrival of the flotilla will declare to the world that the embargo is over and a passage will be opened up for the people of Gaza.”   

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