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    Presents from South African Children for their Syrian Brothers and Sisters
    Volunteers of al Imdaad Foundation, one of the pioneer relief foundations of South African Republic, coming to Turkey to help Syrian refugees brought presents with them from South African children to be given to their Syrian brothers and sisters.
    The Republic of South Africa, Syria 25.01.2014

    Eight volunteers of Al Imdaad Foundation which has been working in many joint projects in Syria with IHH until now came to Turkey and visited refugee camps, and determined the needs of the Syrian refugees on the spot for the projects to be carried out in the area.

    Moreover, volunteers brought with them letters, pictures and various presents sent by South African children for their Syrian brothers. In the letters, South African children emphasize that they are sorry for the situation in Syria and they hope Syrians will reach freedom sooner inshallah. Statements in a letter are as:

    “O my Allah! Protect Syrian children! I am very sorry for the happenings in Syria. The only thing you would do is to believe that Allah will always protect you. I always want you to be safe. May all your wishes come true by the help of Allah. Thanks.”

    While some of the children made paper ships, some of them draw mosques and cars, saying:

    “Assamu aleykum, My name is Saad. I am 8 years old. I have sister and a brother. I study in the 2nd grade in Taqwa Bays Primary School. I want to met you one day. Inshallah Allah will bring you peace and happiness.”
    There are also some presents from South African children. The most remarkable of them whose sender is not known is a handmade necklace in the shape of a butterfly.

    IHH Coordinator of International Fund Raising Department, Nalan Dal delivering the presents implied that these presents moved them to tears, she said “Muslims in many parts of the world are sensitive to the humanitarian plight in Syria. Our partner foundations from South Africa that we carry out projects in Syria together with delivered letters written by South African children to be delivered to their Syrian brothers and sisters. The letters we opened are full of emotion. African children are also aware of the cruelty in Syria. We desire this to serve a model for the world.”

    Mrs. Dal added that they will deliver these letters to children living in Syria and in refugee camps.

    About Al Imdaad Foundation

    Al Imdaad Foundation has carried out many joint projects in Syria with IHH until now. In addition to their aids in the direction of daily needs as distribution of hygiene kits, food packages, blankets; Al Imdaad Foundation built a container city in Aleppo and a tent city in Idlib. Being the sponsor for a health project to be carried out for the people whose eyes are injured and whose sight ability was lost in the war in Syria, Al Imdaad provided 20 people to gain their sight ability back in operations carried out in a hospital in Gaziantep which IHH have an agreement with till now. Again with the sponsorship of Al Imdaad, water wells were drilled for the people who lack drainage and water systems in the Syrian refugee camps. Until now construction of 5 water wells have started, 4 water well projects are in the line. Apart from these, the foundation made a great amount of donation in the Eid al Adha and it bear some of the monthly expense of a bakery in Aleppo.

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