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Rawan Muwahid climbs to the highest peak of Europe for Rohingyas and Syrians
Humanitarian activist climbs up to 5,642-meter-high Mt.Elbrus as apart of a campaign joint by IHH.
Arakan, Europe, Palestine-Gaza, SouthAsia, MiddleEast, Syria, Turkey 19.08.2012

Previously climbed the highest mountain of Africa for Palestinian children Rawan Muwahid this time climbs up to 5,642-meter-high Mt.Elbrus to raise awareness for, Muslims minority in Myanmar, Rohingyas and Syrians. The donations will be use for IHH's Arakan and Syria emergency campaigns.

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Originally Palestinian Rawan Muwahid is living in United Arab Emirates. Although she has her diploma in Architecture, she creates awareness for the humanitarian aid campaigns with her recent interest-hiking, and mountaineering.

She tried to climb Mt.Mont Blanc, the highest of the Alps, but due to the bad weather conditions the climb was cancelled.

She organized a humanitarian campaign with Palestine Children Relief Fund and climbed Mt.Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa, in Tanzania.

Every step she took in became a brick to build pediatric oncology department at Al Hussein Hospital in Beit Jala, which is the first and only pediatric oncology department in the public sector in Palestine.

Taking action for the suffering Rohingyas and Syrians Rawan Muwahid will attempt to summit Mt.Elbrus, the highest mountain of Europe with 5,642 meters, located in the Caucasus Range in southern Russia. Starting on 21 August, the climb is planning to take 9 days.

Rawan's aim is to raise awareness for the humanitarian crisis in Myanmar/Burma and Syria, and to raise funds for the suffering people of the both countries.

The raised funds via Rawan's activism is to be used for IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation's emergency campaigns that are successfully in operation for two different countries.

Support Rawan with your donations who is taking action to let the world hear these two suffering people ignored by the international community.


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