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Program organized for orphans in Suruç, Şanlıurfa
As part of “Orphan Solidarity Days,” IHH pleased orphan children with a program in Suruç district of Şanlıurfa following similar programs in central Şanlıurfa and Siverek District.
Turkey 03.04.2012

Şanlıurfa-based volunteers of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation gathered with orphans in a program they organized at a local restaurant. IHH volunteers and 10 families of orphans attended the program. The volunteers dined and played games with the orphans and gave them various presents.

Speaking on behalf of IHH volunteers Behçet Atila noted they have been caring for 123 orphan children in Şanlıurfa and continued: “We are trying to care for our holy trusts orphans and make them happy to some extent. As of today we are delivering monthly aid to 123 across Şanlıurfa. Each orphan is getting €35 or 50 USD a month. We are providing monthly €35 or 50 USD to 10 families of orphans here in Suruç. We hope we will be able to extend help to more orphans in the future. With this assistance we are showing our solidarity with them and are trying to embrace them and receive prayers from them, hoping this might help us attain forgiveness of Allah. We pray to Allah to be one of the people our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) mentioned in his saying: “I and the guardian of orphans (whether the orphan be of his near or distant relations, or of strangers) will be in one place in the next world; like my two fingers, nearly touching each other.”    

“We also thank the volunteers who devoted their time to orphan care efforts and the charity-givers who sponsored our orphans. May Allah accept their charity. Our next stop will be Viranşehir. We will try to please our orphans in Viranşehir in the coming days Allah willing.”  

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