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Scholarship campaign from IHH and UDEF for foreign students
Federation of International Student Associations(UDEF)and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation partnership launched a scholarship campaign for foreign students who came to Turkey from 160 different countries.

From 160 different countries approximately 55,000 students prefer to continue their studies in Turkey for numerous reasons. The 55,000 foreign students who came to study a university degree face many challenges throughout their life while they are studying. The main problems they face are housing and financial difficulties. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and UDEF launched a scholarship campaign for the foreign students who will be the future of their country once they return home. Their aim is to minimise the difficulties they might be facing and support them throughout their educational journey in Turkey.

Through the scholarship campaign, UDEF and IHH will donate 150 TL scholarship and provide financial support to every youth who came from all over the world to a foreign country and are trying to pursue an education in tough situations.

UDEF and IHH are waiting for the support of our community to help by donating to our scholarship campaign for the foreign students who are living in our country as guests.

Those who wish to make a 5 TL donation to the scholarship campaign can do so by sending a text message through all operators by writing BURS and sending it to 3072. (TURKEY)


UDEF is a non-governmental organisation which help foreign students who come to study in our country. They become a host for them, help them to get to know each other and support them with any difficulties they may be facing while they are studying, this may be physically or spiritually. They also help them to become talented people who are able to carry the knowledge and skills they have learned in our country to different geographic locations.

UDEF was founded in 2012 by 11 different associations. Today, there are 25 members of the association in 20 different cities. The federation takes on many duties such as ensuring coordination between student associations, promote the establishment of new international student associations, help international students by providing education, health, safety and help deal with difficulties these students may be facing by working in collaboration with governmental agencies. They also made it their mission to clear public perception of international students amongst the community.

To provide a scholarship for a foreign student please click here

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