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Scotland Supports Gaza Flotilla
A group of volunteers in Dundee, Scotland, have raised over £20,000 worth of humanitarian aid including medicines, construction and educational materials for Gaza flotilla which is led by IHH (The Fo
Europe, Palestine, MiddleEast 07.05.2010

Support to IHH’s international flotilla campaign to Gaza arrived from Scotland’s 4th largest city, Dundee. People of the city have donated goods and money worth of £20,000. In total, 13 pallets of medicine, clothes, toys and building materials set off from Dundee en route to Gaza. One local builder alone donated around five tons of cement. The first destination for the goods will be Cork, Ireland, where they will be loaded onto a cargo vessel sponsored by the people of Malaysia before it sails on to Istanbul.

Tamer Gado, one of the aid coordinators behind the Dundee appeal, said: “The people of Gaza have suffered a lot since the Israeli aggression end of last year.

“Israel has not allowed even cement into Gaza for the rebuilding and we are doing the little we can to break the siege".

Another of the coordinators, Dr Khalid El-Awaisi said: “Initially our plans were to raise a few thousand pounds to help support the large convoy but with the enthusiasm of the volunteers and the generosity of the Dundee community we managed to raise in excess of £20,000 worth of goods.”

He also praised locals for their generosity, saying: “People from all walks of life wanted to help. A lady from Arbroath called to give £100, and volunteers from Aberdeen raised £2,500 in 15 minutes.”

Various local organizations, businesses and groups have supported the campaign, including the Fire Brigade Union, Tayside for Justice in Palestine, Friends of Al-Aqsa, Yusuf Youth Initiative and Tayside Mosques.  

Edith Constable of Tayside for Justice in Palestine said: "The community in Dundee feels the pain of the Palestinian people and that’s why within a few days they have shown their extreme generosity and donated to this worthy cause."

“Palestine Our Route, Humanitarian Aid Our Load” campaign will consist of 8 cargo and passenger ships from across the world, and will sail to the Palestinian territory from Istanbul towards the end of May.

The boats will deliver over 5,000 tons of aid cargo and around 500 humanitarian workers and volunteers to the region, which is currently subject to Israeli embargo.

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