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The ‘Meal of Compassion’ Project brings joy to students
As a part of the ‘Meal of Compassion‘ project launched by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, meals are being distributed to students of schools in north Syria.
Syria 11.02.2021

The ‘Meal of Compassion’ project has been launched by IHH for students of the local schools in the refugee camps and central settlement areas in northern Syria where the civil war is ongoing.

As a part of this project, meals will be distributed to 10.000 war victims and children in need 4 days a week.

The menus formulated by dieticians contain nutritious foods including lahmacun (Turkish thin pizza), sandwiches, breadsticks, falafel, cakes, ayran (yogurt drinks), and fruit juices.

IHH Syrian Operations Education Coordinator Sebattin Aydın said the project would continue until the end of the school year.

Explaining the significance of the Meal of Compassion project, Aydın said, “According to UN report, more than 2 million children are deprived of schooling in Syria. As for those who do have the opportunity to attend school, they receive education under extremely difficult conditions. The need for a balanced diet constitutes problems as much as the need for teachers, chairs, tables, blackboards and stationary equipment in the schools in Syria. We launched the Meal of Compassion project that we carry out with donations in the hope of eliminating this problem.


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Aydın added, “Our distribution of meals in many fields is continuing especially in Idlib, Afrin, Al-Bab, Jarabulus, Tel Abyad and Rasulayn regions in northern Syria. More than 10.000 children, many of which are orphans, benefit from this project. The daily cost of a meal for one child is 5 TL.”  


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