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Ships Heading For Gaza Tonight
3-day wait in open waters of the Mediterranean finally comes to an end. Humanitarian ships en route to Gaza, carrying aid materials including medicines, medical equipment and construction materials, a
Palestine, North Cyprus, Middle East, Turkey 30.05.2010

Palestine Our Route, Humanitarian Aid Our Load flotilla is expected to arrive in Palestine tomorrow morning. 5 European MPs have boarded the ship around noon time today. Three of the MPs have boarded Challenger1 and 2 MPs are now on Mavi Marmara. 10 other MPs could not make it to the ships due to an intervention by the Southern Cyprus (Greek Cyprus) government. 30 MPs are onboard the flotilla at the moment.

There is no MP from Turkey onboard. However, Turkish government is believed to carry intense efforts to prevent a possible military operation of Israel to the flotilla.

Bulent Yildirim, President of IHH, said they will be heading off to Gaza in the afternoon. Yildirim said “We will be arriving in Gaza territorial waters tomorrow. Possibly we will be greeted by the Israeli navy. We are ready to confront. I hope that Israel will give up on its wrongful plan and avoid intercepting us. A possible military operation by Israel might stir things up onboard the ship. It may cause harm to innocent people. There are women, children and the elderly onboard. If Israel decides to attack civilians, they will have to bear with the consequences in terms of international public opinion. We have people from over 50 countries onboard. An attack by Israel on these people is like an attack on their home countries.”

Yildirim states that they will not let the Israeli soldiers onboard and they will carry out a nonviolent resistance.

Yildirim called out to Arab countries, European countries, Turkey and the UN to prevent a possible interception to the flotilla.

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