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Somalia faces second hunger crisis
Drought continues in Somalia, which dominated the world’s agenda following a hunger crisis last year, which prompted relief organizations to rush to the region. It is feared that another hunger crisis
Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia 07.08.2012

The effects of the hunger crisis in Somalia are still felt in the country today due to ongoing drought and clashes. The United Nations say there is need for hundreds of millions of dollars to prevent a second humanitarian tragedy in Somalia.

At this time of the year last year, Somalia was shaken by drought and famine which also affected many regions in East Africa. Somalia went through the worst drought of the past 60 years, thousands of people lost their lives while tens of thousands of Somalis rushed to refugee camps in neighboring regions to save their lives. It was announced that drought in Somalia ended in February following a global aid campaign.

IHH does not leave Somali people alone

Since July 2011 when the drought crisis culminated in Somalia, the IHH has been delivering food, medicine and tents to the Somalis in the refugee camps in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia in addition to the Somalis who are on their way to refugee camps.

IHH launched efforts to alleviate the effects of the drought in Somalia in March 2011. The foundation has delivered humanitarian relief items to around 5m people in capital city of Mogadishu, Lower and Central Shebelle since March.

The amount of aid delivered to Somalis has reached nearly 40m Turkish liras. Relief items delivered to Somalis include food, tents, canvas, cleaning set, kitchen set and water bottles. In addition to this, the IHH sponsored cataract surgeries, medical examinations, treatment of people with health problems and launched projects for the opening of water wells and irrigation channels. The foundation aimed to help Somalis make their own living by delivering some families sewing machines, cattle, carriages, corn grinding machines, tractors, sesame press machines and water generators. The IHH has also sponsored construction of homes, orphanages and mosques for Somalis.

In addition to these, the IHH launched orphan relief work in Somalia as a result of which 3,134 orphans have been included in the foundation’s Sponsor Family System.

Flow of humanitarian relief to Somalia should continue to prevent a second hunger crisis in the country as the country is still dependent on outside assistance.

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