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Support from Erdogan for IHH
Presidential candidate and Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan expresses his support for IHH at a meeting in Sakarya after a IHH truck in Hopa was attacked by marginal groups.
Turkey 17.07.2014

Erdogan called out to the citizens of Sakarya, reacting to the attack on IHH officers after an iftar dinner in the Artvin district of Hopa. In talking about the vicious attacks, he said that “This is a cowardly attack on a humanitarian organisation and the CHP and HDP are applauding this action. Do these vandals have any idea of what this organisation is about? This organisation is in Gaza, Myanmar, Iraq, Somalia and has reached out to those in need and they have been brutally attacked”.

Reminding the crowd that he too was attacked in Hopa, Erdogan said, “You know that my vehicle was attacked and that my security guard was hospitalized. These people want results through violence. The CHP, MHP and HDP have the same mindset. They are seeking vindication through attacking a humanitarian organisation. What will CHP say who take advantage of religious sentiments? What will they say to the parliamentarians that they boast of. We are not leaving Turkey to vandals. The masks have fallen off in Hopa. My countrymen will give them the answer they deserve at the ballot box. We have built Turkey for the past 12 years through your support”.

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Flour distribution to 38 thousand 601 families in Somalia
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Mobile soup kitchen from Turkey to Ukraine
The mobile soup kitchen dispatched by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to Ukraine, which is under Russian bombardment, departed from Istanbul. The soup kitchen was intended to provide food to 30,000 people each day. In addition, three truckloads of humanitarian supplies provided to Ukraine by the IHH in recent weeks have been delivered to war victims.
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IHH helped 700,000 Syrians in 2022.
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