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Support from IHH to people of Yemen
In Yemen, where a civil conflict has been raging since 2014, relief efforts are still being made by the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. Recently, IHH dispatched a team to the area to provide relief to the nation's needy.
Yemen 03.08.2022

Since the start of the civil conflict in 2014, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has been providing aid to individuals in need in Yemen for 20 years, has increased its assistance to the nation. Finally, through its staff in the area, IHH has helped those in need who reside in the nation in different fields of assistance.

Food distribution and income support projects

After traveling for two days to arrive in Yemen, the team distributed food parcels to those in need first in Marib and later in Seiyun. The food parcels containing basic food supplies such as flour, oil, sugar, tomato paste, rice and dates were distributed to 670 families in need. Along with food supplies, we helped the families with the Income Support Project so they could stand on their own two feet. 16 sewing machines and 8 small cattle were distributed to 16 families as part of the program. In addition, 11 families received beehives, and 3 grocery stores, as well as a grocery store, were opened.


The health clinic continues to provide service

The IHH's Marib health center, which opened its doors in 2017, is still open for service. Patients receive free examinations, analyses, and treatments at the medical facility, which also has a laboratory. The pharmacy in the health center provides the patients' medications free of charge.


IHH has been in the region for 20 years

With the assistance of donors, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation helped 161,185 people in 2022 alone. In 2022, 32 thousand 237 families benefited from the IHH's humanitarian assistance, which continues to operate in a variety of fields including food, education, health, and accommodation. IHH has provided assistance to a total of 2 million 763 thousand 416 individuals since 2018.

"20 million people need humanitarian aid"

A member of the group that traveled to Yemen, Burak Battal from the IHH Media Unit, recalled that the civil war there has been raging since 2014. "23.4 million people have been displaced in Yemen, according to UN figures. Of these IDPs, 4.3 million were forced to relocate across the nation. Numerous IDP camps can be found across the nation's cities. Of the 29 million people living in the nation, almost 20 million require humanitarian assistance. Malnutrition affects 3,5 million children under the age of 5 and pregnant women."


"Our brothers and sisters are watching out our way"

Burak Battal noted that because of the destruction caused by war, their working spaces were severely constrained. People who are unable to earn a living struggle to find employment and struggle greatly to support their families. It is imperative to provide aid to this country in a variety of fields, from education to health, from accommodation to food, in order to prevent aggravating the already challenging situation. Our brothers and sisters here are looking forward to our arrival.


To support

Donors who want to support Yemenis in need can support 10 TL by typing YEMEN from all operators and sending a text message to 3072. Those who want to donate more can give any amount they want via online donation on the IHH's website or by writing YEMEN in the description section of the IHH's bank account numbers.

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