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Tanzanians receive IHH aid
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered food packages to 275 Muslim families, 50 of them new converts, and offered fast-breaking dinner to 750 people in Zanzibar and Pemba islands of Tanzania
Africa, Tanzania 12.09.2008

Impoverished Tanzanian Muslim families were extended Ramadan aid. IHH officials distributed food packages to 225 families, organized a fast-breaking dinner for 750 people in the islands of Zanzibar and Pemba. Fifty families that have converted to Islam lately in Unguja Island were given food packages.    

Orphans, aged and poor people were given priority in aid delivery. Those who received food packages thanked the charitable people for extending their help. 

"Tanzanian people suffered from slavery, colonialism, racism and poverty for centuries. Colonialists exploited the country as much as they could. But now we are extending donations of our charitable people without asking for anything in return. This makes them happy. Tanzanian people need mosques, schools and hospitals. State bodies are failing to meet to these needs. The IHH has so far materialized significant projects in Tanzania, but there is still much to do," IHH officials said.  

Tanzanians pray for rain 

Tanzanian Muslims are trying to perform their fasting obligation despite all hardships. Mosques get very crowded during Friday and Tarawih prayers. Muslims pray for rain after prayers. Rain means much to Tanzanians. Rain waters are indispensable to farming since irrigation systems are not widespread and primitive methods are still in use.    

Life standards low 

Tanzania has a population of 36 million people. It is an underdeveloped country and people live on farming and livestock breeding. Tanzanians are generally impoverished and their life standards are low. Majority of the population has converged in mountainous regions. There are about 120 different tribes in the country. Tanzania, which has a large coastal strip that stretches along the Indian Ocean, is one of the biggest fish producer countries in Africa. Fish is a staple for economically poor Tanzanian citizens. Rice and corn are other widely consumed foods.    

Tanzania has rich gold, oil and precious stones reserves. However, Tanzanians are still living in poverty.  

Arab merchants introduced Islam to Tanzania in the 8th century. Although one third of the population is Sunni Muslim, Christians are in control of administration and religious affairs. There are many schools, libraries, educational centers, clinic, hospitals, aid agencies and foundations that have been founded with the support of Christian missionaries. Thanks to these efforts, the number of local Christians is increasing. 

Tanzanian Muslims lack opportunities to carry out and improve educational and religious activities due to lack of funding and support. Muslim schools and mosques are in bad conditions.   

Tanzanian Muslims need the support of Turkey and other Muslim countries.  

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