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The Deir Yassin massacre: Israel ravaged Palestinian village
Irgun and Stern underground gangs which had perpetrated many bloody attacks during the establishment process of Israel carried out yet another massacre on 9 April 1948.
Palestine 09.04.2012

Militants from the Stern and Irgun gangs raided the Deir Yassin village, a Palestinian-Arab village near Jerusalem in the early hours of April 10 and killed 254 innocent villagers which included women and children. Few villagers survived the attacks but they were wounded.

In late April 9, residents of the Der Yassin village woke up with announcements from the loudspeakers which asked them to evacuate the village. Before they could even understand what was happening, the villagers were massacred by the Zionist militants. The houses in the village were set ablaze. Those who wanted to flee the village were shot to death while the women were killed before the eyes of their children.

The Deir Yassin massacre was carried out by the underground gangs led by Menachem Begin, Israel’s sixth prime minister. Begin supported this bloody attack with remarks saying, “Deir Yassin massacre was not only necessary, but without it the state of Israel could not have emerged.” This massacre of ethnic cleansing was just one of the massacres Israel has committed since its establishment. 

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