IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
The “International Children’s Rights Day”
An event was organized by the Orphan Foundation, the International Refugee Rights Association, the Children of the Earth Foundation and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Children’s Rights Agreement signed by the UN.

On the 30th anniversary of the Children’s Rights Agreement recognized by the UN on 20 November 1989, a joint-program was organized by the Orphan Foundation, the International Refugee Rights Association, the Children of the Earth Foundation and IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation. The event held at the Orphan Foundation General Headquarters was launched with a press conference regarding the International Children’s Rights Day.


“Every child is precious to us”

Speaking at the press conference, while highlighting the fact that children suffered the most from political, social and moral corruption, Deputy Chairman of the Orphan Foundation Hüsamettin Orhan said, “In terms of the beauty that they contribute to the world, a child in Aleppo is no different in our eyes than a child in Paris. They are all precious to us. We cannot limit the potential danger of a child that is brought up physically and psychologically in an unsound environment just to a certain region. Also, when we take into consideration that these children will be the power and administrators of our future, surely the world will not pursue happiness and prosperity under the administration of a generation that is brought up inadequately, both physically and psychologically.”


“We cannot ignore racism”

Speaking after Hüsamettin Orhan, Education Coordinator of the Children of the Earth Foundation Betül Ünlü said, “We still have a long path in front of us, a path of struggle. On this path, we are teaching our children about their basic rights, love and compassion. For as long as the childhood of our children is alive in their hearts, for as long as they read, write, think and play, the colors of the earth will never disappear; however, if we continue to promote racism among our children today through the examples of teachers, mothers, fathers and other adults, using the name of “compassion”, “love” and “hope” in schools, streets, hospitals and in our social lives; if we ignore racism, the earth will lose its color and then it will lose its essence in turn.”


“Legal measures are insufficient”

Stating the importance of law implementation regarding the protection of children for the world society to have a healthy and quality future, IHH Youth Chairman Abdullah Muhammet Islam added:

“It is clear that legal and policing measures alone are not the solutions to the violations in question that these unprotected, defenseless children who are innocent by nature are subject to. So it appears that it is necessary to take measures in prioritizing children in regions suffering from war, famine and poverty by enriching social education, moral principles and protecting family values.”


“There are 28 million child refugees”

Chairman of the International Refugee Rights Association Abdullah Resul Demir said:

“Unfortunately, wars have become a part of daily life for millions of children. According to reports, there are 28 million child refugees living in the world. As a result of the hardships and inhumane treatment, these children are deprived of living in their own homes, their own homelands; are unable to receive an education and live in healthy conditions unlike other children their age. These children who are sometimes forced to migrate with their families and who are sometimes alone are dying on their plight of finding a new home and traveling over vast seas.”


“Paintings that Touch Dreams”

After the press conference, a painting exhibition done by orphan children from 13 countries of 3 continents was opened as a part of the Orphan Foundation’s “Paintings that Touch Dreams” project. The project also presented Clown shows, face painting events and entertaining games with the hope that the day would be a day the children would never forget.   


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