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The journey to the light continues in Sudan
Our cataract operations in Sudan are going on. As 46 thousands of people had eye examination, 12 thousand and 173 people reached the light after being operated.
Africa, Sudan 02.05.2009

With the cataract campaign that was started by IHH, Humanitarian Relief Foundation in 2007 with the slogan” If you see they will see too”  the treatment of 100 thousands of people is aimed.

The project includes 10 different countries in Africa where the cataract problem is condensely lived. These countries are Mali,Niger, Burqina Faso, Ethiopia,Sudan, Ghana,Benin, Togo and Chad. Sudan forms the 40 % of the project and takes the central place in the project in location.

From the year 2007 that the Cataract Project was started in Sudan, till the beginning of 2009, 46 thousands of people had eye examination and 12 thousand and 173 people reached the light after being operated. 

A permanent clinic and an operating room suitable for modern cataract surgery were built in Abdul Fadil Almas Eye Hospital in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum. It daily gives clinic service to almost 150 people, no fee is demanded for these services.

In the context of Africa Cataract Project, in the rural areas of Sudan away from the capital city, for the patients who do not have enough financial power for the operation, by establishing mobile clinics and eye camps, the clinic and surgery services are brought.

Abdurrazip Abdallah who came to the hospital for the treatment of his daughter said, “For this surgery I am coming from Niyala. I heard that there is a Turkish Eye Hospital for the eye operations. For the operation I brought 1 millions of cine ( 500 dollars) but we did not pay for anything at the hospital. Only for the photocopies I paid 5 cines. We got all the medicine for free. We are pleased of the service”.

 IHH’s Africa Cataract Project Sudan coordinator Serdar Orakçı said “The operations we conduct are in Turkey’s standards. We conduct a poll to test the pleasure. We are trying to learn whether the patients are happy or not, whether the problems with their eyes are solved or not. They always thank us.”

 The cataract operations in Africa are conducted with the 100 TL donations of Turkish charitables. With a donation of 100 TL, you can be a means for a cataract patient who waits for light for years to see the light again after an operation.

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