IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Translation of Islamic sources into Khmer
The project aims to provide Cambodian Muslims with the opportunity to learn Islam from the books in their native language.
South Asia, Cambodia 18.01.2010

There were 200 mosques, 200 majids and about 300 madrasahs and Quran teaching centers in Cambodia before 1970. All of them were destroyed and 90 percent of the muftis, imams, instructors and religious officials of these institutions were killed during the Pol Pot rule. The consequence of the genocide and massacre attempts of that period is current Cambodian Muslims’ deprivation of religious education and knowledge.     

The biggest problem facing Muslims in Cambodia is lack of translations of the Quran and other fundamental Islamic sources in the Khmer language. People are learning Islam from foreign sources and from religious officials teaching by these sources. Dispersion of Muslim population in rural regions has further diminished the impact of religious education.   

By publishing fundamental Islamic sources in Khmer language and distributing them to people and students they will be given the opportunity to learn Islamic subjects on their own.  

As part of the project the Quran and the following sources will be translated into Khmer and published in copies of 1000 to be distributed to local people and students.


Book of cleanliness and Ablution 

Book of Praying 

Major Prayers 

Book of Fasting 

Forty Hadith by Imam Nawawi 

Book of Tajwid 

Foundations of Islam and Faith 

Book of Zakat  

Three Basic Principles of Islam 

Islamic Peace 

Path to Salvation 

Life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by Raheeq al-Maktoum 

To Understand Islam and Muslims Ahmed Skr 

Islam at focus – Abdul Ati 

Tawhid by Shaykh ibn Uthaymeen 

Towards Understanding Islam by Mawdudi


Project Name: Translation and Publication of Fundamental Islamic Sources in Khmer Language 

Project Cost: $30,000

Country: Cambodia

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