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IHH: We are going to Incirlik with vehicles from all over Türkiye!
IHH chairman Bülent Yıldırım announced that a convoy will be organized to go to Incirlik Base with vehicles from all over Türkiye in order to take action and create a civilian reaction to the humanitarian disaster in Gaza. In the statement, "We will set off from Istanbul on Friday. We will visit the provinces and go to Incirlik Base.


Apartheid regime Israel's attacks against civilians in Gaza continue.

The occupying Israel's attacks on civilian settlements, hospitals, places of worship and schools have caused a major humanitarian crisis in Gaza, which is already under blockade.

Reactions are rising worldwide against the pro-Israel stance adopted by the US against the humanitarian tragedy in Gaza.

At the press conference held at the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation Headquarters, it was announced that civilian vehicles from all over Türkiye will set out for Incirlik Base in Adana on Friday, November 3, 2023, with the slogan 'Freedom Convoy for Palestine' and protest demonstrations will be organized there.

''America has completely surrounded Turkey''

Speaking at the press conference, IHH Chairman Bülent Yıldırım said, "We are going through very historical days. And for this, the people of the world have great duties. We are going through a period when states and leaders are going crazy. For this reason, we will launch the movement for the brotherhood of peoples.


Yıldırım showed a map of US bases around the world and said, "America has completely surrounded Türkiye in order to occupy it. Pay attention to this. And the most important coordination for this is done in Incirlik and Kürecik. These bases are not innocent. We are trying to save the world. We are working to bring good people together. We do not discriminate against religion, language, or race. Right now, the issue is not only the Palestinian issue. It is the issue of the occupation of the world. This is the beginning of the struggle for liberation from the occupation of America and European countries by the Zionists.


Calling on all people of conscience around the world, Bülent Yıldırım said: "I call on the people of Europe and America. Zionism has occupied you, and your leaders are Zionist henchmen. They are not only dropping bombs on Palestine. They are also exploiting you. The biggest Zionist-occupied land is the land where the American people live. Free-thinking people of America, stand up and demand your rights. Go in front of the White House. Take these Zionists down. What is this Zionist Foreign Minister saying? He says he is a Jew. I am asking the Jews here: Do you accept the deaths of children? Therefore, I am also addressing the Israeli people. There were Jews on the Mavi Marmara. Bring Netanyahu down. Netanyahu is bringing blood to the world. Netanyahu is Hitler's henchman; Netanyahu increases antisemitism. Netenyahu wages this war so that Jews are forced to live all over the world and Jews become prisoners of Israel.


"People around the world will bring down the Zionist system''

Yıldırım stated that the Zionist system has now been deciphered and said, "The third world war is coming. And it is coming running. Only the people will stop the third-world war. Good and compassionate people. Let the brotherhood of compassionate people stand up. What beautiful protests you held in London. In Barcelona, Berlin, and Paris, all over the world. In Latin America, Africa, Indonesia, all over the world, people have mobilized. These peoples will collapse the great world Zionist system. You are being deciphered now.''


Calling on all of Türkiye and the world to take action, Yıldırım said, "We will go towards the Incilic Base with hundreds of thousands of people. People of Türkiye stand up. Set out as thousands of people. Do not stay in your homes. Do not lie down; do not sleep. Children are dying. If you remain silent about the deaths of these children, the same will happen to our children. The map I am showing is the occupation map of America. This is the map of the Zionist occupation of the occupied lands of America, to take the blood of the rulers out of Palestine and spread it to Türkiye. I call out to the people of America to stand up for women and children. Because you will see that people of Türkiye will stand up.

''We leave on Friday, we will be in Incirlik on Sunday''

IHH Chairman Bülent Yıldırım shared the details of the organization and said, "We will set off from Istanbul on Friday. God willing, we will stop by Adapazari. We will visit Ankara. We will hold press conferences. From there, we will go to Konya and then we will be in Incirlik on Sunday. There will be participation from all over Türkiye. If there is no ceasefire in Gaza, we will stay there. I invite everyone to support this convoy.


Chairman of the Mavi Marmara Association, Ismail Songür said, "The existence of Incirlik Base, which has been in this region for almost 75 years, should be questioned. All authorities, our civil society, and our people should make a decision. What is the Incirlik Base doing here?

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