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Unlawful Treatment of Families from Central Asia and Caucasus
A group of NGOs led by International Refugee Rights Organization stated that unlawful treatment of families from Central Asia and Caucasus after the failed coup of 15 July is unacceptable and called out to the authorities to take action.

A group of NGOs led by International Refugee Rights Organization stated that unlawful treatment of families from Central Asia and Caucasus after the failed coup of 15 July is unacceptable and called out to the authorities to take action.

International Refugee Rights Organization, IHH, Union of Uzbeks and Union of Turkistan held a press conference to highlight the unlawful treatment of refugees in Deportation centers.

In the press release they have explained that during the operations carried out according to a writ and its attached list prepared on July 12 prior to the coup over 100 families most of whom are Uzbek, Kazak, Tajik and Kyrgyz are detained to be deported soon. In this regard the union pointed out the unlawful treatment of thousands of refugees in Deportation Centres should stop and highlighted the blacklist prepared prior to the coup.

The NGOs asked for an end to the systematic torture of refugees who are loyal fans of Turkey and elimination of jurisdiction anomalies as soon as possible. The common statement of NGOs:

“As you already know Turkey accommodates the largest number of refugees in the world. Although majority of these refugees come from Syria, there are many refugees from Africa, Asia and from even some European (the Balkans) countries. We are thankful to have the honour of serving as host to these destitute people.

Since 29 July authorities are unlawfully trying to deport some refugees from Central Asia and Caucasus (Kyrgyz and Uzbek). Women and children make up most of these refugees. So far over 150 people and 45 families have been detained in Deportation Centre located in Kumkapı.

“Authorities Seek to Deport Unlawfully”

The police stormed into the houses of refugees especially in Istanbul’s Başakşehir and detained especially veiled women and children. Their pretext is a list of people, who are claimed to be DAESH members. It is an unfounded and unlawful allegation. Most of these families are known by charities and relief organizations as simple people who struggle to put bread on the table for their kids. As mentioned above most of the people who are detained are women and children. It does not make sense to detain a 64-year-old woman or an 8-year-old boy as terrorists and to deport them. Upon the investigation of the files on these people it became clear that they bear a code inserted on 12.06.2016 which coincides with the date the coup on 15 July was planned.  15. This alone suffices to raise suspicion. If the coup was to succeed these people, who would have been detained prior to the coup, were going to be deported.

Hence, when the source of the operations is inquired none of the authorities take responsibility for it and claim that they have received orders from their superiors to execute it but they are not the planners. Upon contacting the superior authorities including the president’s office it turns out that there is no such order or instruction for an operation. Unfortunately at this point when the initiator of these operations is unidentified these oppressed people who took refuge in Turkey because they were prosecuted in their country for practicing their religion are unlawfully detained for deportation.

“Veiled Women are the Target”

Particularly Uzbeks who showed great support for our President during the coup attempt on 15 July are selected for deportation. Policemen detain veiled women out on the street without any questions asked. The men who protest against it are also handcuffed behind the back and taken to the police station. Despite our intense investigations the reason as to why these people are deported is unknown. Our all efforts and attempts to investigate these operations are lost in the black holes of bureaucracy. No authority came forward to take responsibility or point out the reason for deportations. The sisters and brothers who are detained and expected to be deported are denied communication with their families. Even providing baby formula and baby biscuit for young children has been prevented and they have greatly suffered as a result.  Last night 11 children were released from Deportation Centre in Kumkapı and united with their families as a result of our efforts. However rest of the detained women including a pregnant lady who is expecting anytime soon and other children should also be released as soon as possible as there is no justification of the deportation of these refugees.

We, as IRRO believe that the deportation of these destitute people is failed putschist FETO terrorist organization’s last effort to cause loss of credibility for Turkey’s image in international community.

Aims of this Terrorist Organization

  1. To cause harm to the respected image of our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
  2. To project Turkey as an unreliable country in the eye of the Muslim world.
  3. To break the love for Turkey by jeopardizing the safety of social and educational life of foreigners living in Turkey
  4. To create a chaotic environment for international/exchange students in Turkey and deport them
  5. To cause foreign investors pull out of Turkey and create economic instability as a result

Dear participants and press members these people, who are taken from their homes, are treated as terrorists. We personally know most of these oppressed and faithful people who can hardly pay their rent let alone being a member of an illegal organization.

While we have botched coup attempts 25 days ago thanks to the bravery of our nation led by our President and the prayers of these oppressed people  it is unacceptable to deport them from our country to which they have come for a new hope and life. These are the very people who took to the streets to protest against the coup risking their lives and stood guard on the squares along with us every night. Those who are not detained keep standing by our side.

We hereby ask an end to the unlawful detention and deportation of these destitute people who have taken refuge in us and we demand the initiators to be held accountable.”

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