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We are marching for the liberation of Al-Quds and Masjid al-Aqsa
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation will carry out a march from the Sultanahmet courtyard to the Sarayburnu port on the 4th anniversary of the Mavi Marmara attack.
Palestine, Turkey 14.05.2014


The lands of Palestine are under occupation. Gaza is under a blockade. Palestinians are facing torture in prisons. Not even women and children are spared. Every day, Israel carries out countless crimes against the Palestinians. 

In an attempt to fool the world, Israel allows only certain certified individuals to enter and leave Gaza. Using this as a tool, they expect people to be grateful.

The Gaza Freedom Flotilla set sail to free these people from depending on others to live because this situation was a violation of human honor. Despite Israel's attempts to have the world forget this, the Mavi Marmara - on which ten people were martyred on 31 May 2010 while trying to deliver aid - continues to tour the world as a symbol of justice, peace and freedom.


The Mavi Marmara is a symbol of the long walk it started towards the freedom of oppressed peoples and the liberation of Al-Quds.

As Israel continues to isolate itself due to its crimes, it gradually paves the way to its own demise.

The Mavi Marmara court case which is ongoing in Turkey both represents the punishing of Israel for its crimes against humanity up until today as well as opening the door for similar cases on behalf of Palestine and the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

This is an important step in breaking down the legal shield which protects Israel and the end to the occupation of Al-Quds. In the face of this joint struggle of humanity and honor, Israel is trying to account for its losses.

On the fourth anniversary of this process, IHH and the Freedom Flotilla will march alongside other organizations including the families of the martys for all of those to contributed aid for the ship, its passengers and our Palestinian friends.

We are walking because:
- The Mavi Marmara is part of the struggle of Palestine and Al-Quds. The aim is to lift the blockade and we will continue to fulfil our responsibilities towards this aim.
- Peace-loving nations stand opposed to Israel. All of Turkey's people stand behind the Mavi Marmara. We are underlining this point once again.
- According to the Zionists, Israel can only achieve its goals by wiping the Mavi Marmara from history, by hiding it and by causing people to forget about it. We will not allow this.
- We will walk for the sake of sending our warm greetings in the name of our ten brave martyrs to all the youth who stand opposed to oppression and all humanitarian aid workers in places of crisis.
- Our much needed unity will be a source of hope for all oppressed people.
On 31 May 2014, we will be meeting at the Sultanahmet courtyard at 17:00 and walk to the Sarayburnu port, where the Mavi Marmara set sail from.
We invite all people whose hearts beat for Al-Quds and Al-Aqsa to come to this march and join the friends of Palestine who will come from all four corners of the world.


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