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With the participation of Diyarbakir's civil society organizations and opinion leaders, a meeting was arranged as a result of the call from Human Right and Freedoms, (IHH) Humanitarian Right Foundation and other Humanitarian Aid Foundation's locate
Turkey 11.01.2015

With the participation of Diyarbakir's civil society organizations and opinion leaders, a meeting was arranged as a result of the call from IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and other humanitarian aid foundations located in Eastern and Southern Anatolia in order to discuss the "Kurdish Problem and Solution Process."

IHH President Bulent Yıldırım, NGO representatives, opinion leaders, academics and journalists attended the meeting held at a hotel location in Sur district. Opinion leaders in 20 provinces in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region, scholars and close to 800 representatives of civil society organizations attended the meeting. The joint statement was read out in Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic.

The joint statement read out at the press conference is as follows:

However, it must be kept in mind that unfortunately, the Kurdish issue has a long history which is very deep, bloody and full of tears. Thus, the solution requires a long and rigorous repair process. The problem is due to years of neglect by strengthening a racist discourse. Although certain groups have been brought out into the limelight, it should not be forgotten that all segments of the Kurdish people, even those who think differently are on the side of the problem. At the same time, different ethnic and religious groups are on the side of this issue. To reform, adding substances such as only giving cultural rights, constitutional equality regarding citizenship, besides a more limited regulation, the justice base in the country, life standards where people live their identity, beliefs, culture and economic quality of life needs to increase by undergoing a well- established regulation. While the Government is looking for a way to convert respect for people in bureaucratic oligarchy, constitution and all contents of institutions in Turkey, other segments of society will also facilitate the process with different support methods. This problem is not only the Government's but in fact a matter which concerns the legisalation, as well as the mechanism of the judiciary and state, all political parties, NGOs, universities, school, intellectuals, media, sects, community and all opinion leaders. With one medic understanding and approach to the PKK, and the elements efforts to intimidate the people in pious identity, and other identities intolerance in peace and solution process, is one of the most important obstacles.

The Islamic heritage of these lands which continued on for thousands of years will play a main role in solving today's problems. Islamic brotherhood with all the legal and political step will be the main charges of the new era. Our place in this discussion as Civil society structures in Turkey, our faith has been framed within the scope of fairness. Because we believe that the tribes and languages are not the reason for superiority or humiliation, the verses were created in order for us to get to know each other.

The policy process which will solve the problem must be based on justice and brotherhood. In order to continue the process in a positive manner, all amenities and facilities should be used. The spirit needs to be cultivated by raising the youth in a spiritual, religious, moral and mental manner. After this point, everyone should feel responsible for those who lost their lives in these clashes. For this reason, besides the accountability and political expectations, people are required to act by feeling a sense of responsibility. All rights and freedom which Allah has provided for human beings must be provided unconditionally. No matter who the participants are in helping to solve the problems, an Islamic, humane, free and fair approach must be displayed. Although it is thought that the general conflict and unrest in the Middle East is due to various different actors, the problem in fact originates from a single actor.

Therefore, the Kurdish issue, the events which are taking place in Al-Aqsa Mosque, the issue of Syria, Iraq's instability and Kopani events completely associated with each other. Imperialism and Zionism actors in the output of this issue are well known activities for the deadlock. Attention should be drawn to the blood of the people in 2 regional hegemony of the global power. However, the resistance of the oppressed Kurdish people against the games played on them by Britain, Israel and the US, alongside their brothers and values of the people of the region, will be seen as a historical event which will take place in along the side of justice. The problem has become a trauma for all regions in the country. Due to the deepening psychological disintegration and in order to eliminate this problem, the government must return the rights which have been restricted blocked and seized. The granting of rights should not be associated with armistice process.

Regulations on rights and freedoms must be carried out immediately. The process of the armistice is between the state and the PKK. The rights and freedoms are subject to the state's obligations to its citizens. No matter what the topic is for any dispute that will take place, it should not affect the negotiation process and should continue in absolute terms. This context should not be given the opportunity to be of the infill of weapons. Whoever contributes to the solution process of this issue, helps to stop blood and saves the life of people, will receive the praise of all humanity. We also believe that they will gain the love of Allah. Conversely, anyone who makes an effort to undermine this process will be written in history and will give account in the eyes of society and Allah.

Being scholars, intellectuals, NGOs and Communities in Turkey Kurdish alliance, we believe that brotherhood will ruin all the games played on the Middle East. We are honored to be in any sort of positive efforts made to stop blood and tears. In this sense, we are the followers of this process.

10 January 2015

Click here for the list of participating instuitions.


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