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Why IHH is pointed as a target?
The Iran based Fars News Agency (FNA) again portrays IHH as a target in its Tehran origin- English news, and produce disinformation on IHH and its officials.
Syria 18.08.2013

Without indicating a source to the news, the FNA claims that in coordination with Turkish foreign Ministry IHH and its Executive Board Member Osman Atalay previously had sent heavy weapons to Syria and recently sends Albanian Muslims to Syria to fight against the Damascus regime.

Although the FNA had already been sued, received legal written warning and obliged to publish refutations for several times due to its fabricated news, this time the agency started a disinformation and attrition campaign particularly by serving English news.

In its falsified news the FNA claims that “Turkish charity organization, ‘The IHH, which operates under the cover of relief and charity activities and acts in full coordination with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and extremist Saudi Wahhabi groups, has so far recruited and transferred a number of 769 Albanians to Syria to join the so-called Free Syrian Army (FSA),’ an informed source who asked to remain anonymous for fear of his life, told FNA on Wednesday”.

As is known, after the Mavi Marmara attack Israel had launched a smear campaign aiming to add the name of IHH into the list of so-called terrorist organizations and in this respect many fabricated news about IHH had been served to the national and international media organizations.

It is curious to see that such British and Israeli style fabricated news are used by the Iranian semi-official Fars News Agency with the same sentences and stresses, and above all the intelligence nature of language and information raises a question mark in the minds that if the FNA works for whom.

It is very interesting that those who are disturbed by IHH’s activities of humanitarian relief and humanitarian diplomacy running in Syria, latterly correlate IHH especially with Al Qaida. It should not be overlooked that the same accusation had been done by the same institutions after the Iranian pilgrims have been saved through humanitarian diplomacy by IHH. IHH always extends its helping hands to the oppressed people all over the world. In this respect, it is not surprising for us to be accused by those British and Israeli news. It is very hurtful to see the aforementioned news to be placed in Iranian web sites by the same language and sentences of British and Israeli sides. As a result, we ask how Fars News Agency serves the same type of fabricated news.

Consequently, it is very normal for such an organization carrying out humanitarian relief activities in 136 countries all over the world to disagree with the western policies, particularly policies of Israel, Britain and the United States. While achieving humanitarian relief activities, IHH considers neither language and race nor ethnicity and color but unconditionally tries to protect whole of the oppressed people.

From this point of view, we wish from the media organizations making news about IHH to consider the rights of orphans and oppressed people, and would like remind them of their heavy responsibilities to take into account.

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