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Winter help for 70,000 Iraqi refugees
IHH continues its efforts to help thousands of refugees who have fled the conflicts in many regions of Iraq.
Iraq, MiddleEast 15.02.2016

IHH continues its efforts to help thousands of refugees who have fled the conflicts in many regions of Iraq.

IHH teams that have travelled to Dohuk, Arbil, Kirkuk, Suleymaniye and Baghdat have distributed food packs, clothing, blankets, stoves and fuel to more than 70,000 Kurds, Turkmen and Arabic refugees.

In conjunction with aid organisation Qatari RAF Foundation, IHH has been able to deliver the necessary aid to the refugees in Iraq's various cities and camps.

The teams have also been able to monitor and assess the situation of the refugees in Iraq. Nearly 29,000 people from Dohuk, Kirkuk, Mosul, Tal Afar, Tuzhurmatu are living in the Kaberto Camp. With assitance from AFAD, in the Yayyavi camp there are 460 families from a Turkmen background, 2,000 families residing in Leylan Camp and 400 families in the Omat Khattab Camp.

In the Suleymaniye region, there are nearly 6,000 familes that are spread out across the the Arbet, kelar, Tazedi, Aliyeva and Vend camps who have originally travelled from the Selahattin, Ambar and Diyala region.

Many of the Iraq Turkmen, Kurdish and Arabic familes have been forced to abandon their homes and from Dahuk, Kerkuk, Arbil, and Suleymania and now trying to rebuild their lives. The main critical shortages observed in the camps is access to clean water, food, various health issues and education. Aid is provided through the district government and minimal help is provided through various NGO's.

With each passing day there is an increasing number of Iraqi refugees. Despite the winter conditions which makes it difficult for life in the camps, IHH will endeavour to provide any aid necessary.

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