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Life in Palestine has been difficult since the Israeli occupation in 1948. About two-million Palestinians deprived of their right to travel freely are struggling to survive in the city encircled by high security walls. The basic necessities of human life, such as access to hospitals, food, medications, accommodation, education, and electricity, are seldom possible in the city due to recurrent Israeli attacks.

IHH's Gaza activities are coordinated through the IHH Gaza office, which was established in 2009. The Gaza office is in charge of developing projects to meet the people of Gaza. Through 1 education center affiliated with the office, the office facilitates relief aid, healthcare, and aid for orphans while also providing regular education to over 2000 Palestinians.

  • What does IHH Gaza Office do?
    IHH Gaza Office was set up in 2009 following the Israeli attacks on Gaza as it it called Operation Cast Lead that left over thousand casualties, in order to coordinate the relief efforts on site. 37 staff and 60 volunteers are working at the office which provides relief aid, psychological support, vocational training, education and orphan-care activities.

In 2021, 454 thousand people in Gaza benefited from our aid activities in the fields of protection, food security, education, shelter, health, and non-food items. With your donations, you can take care of thousands of orphans in Gaza as well as the victims of the occupation.