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4th WHS consultation meeting takes place in Istanbul
dcdsc Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Turkiye Gonullu Tesekkuller Vakfi (TGTV) hosted the 4th World Humanitarian Summit (WHS), national consultation meeting. WHS will be held in Turkey in 2016 for the first time. The event is organized by the United Nations (UN) and will be hosted by Turkey in 2016. WHS 4th coordination and consultation meeting was held in Istanbul.
Turkey 29.11.2014

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation and Turkiye Gonullu Tesekkuller Vakfi (TGTV) hosted the 4th World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) consultation meeting.

World Humanitarian Summit organized by the United Nations (UN) will be held in Turkey in 2016 for the first time. The UN and Turkish Red Cross were amongst the many representatives of international humanitarian aid organizations.

Within the framework of the preparatory meetings, international organisations want to prepare for 2016 in the best way possible. They aim to achieve effective results from the decisions they made for the future.

Through consultations they are expecting ideas to be presented to the UN, civil societies, the private sector, technical experts and other stakeholders.

The consultation meeting is based around 4 main topics: "Enhancing Humanitarian Aid, Enhancing Risk Management and Resistance Against Disasters, Responding to the needs of those who are under conflict, Innovation and New Methods in Humanitarian Assistance."

Yavuz Dede, Secretary General and Vice President of IHH stated the following in his opening speech at SETA's Istanbul office; Turkey hosting the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit demonstrates the importance of how far they have came in humanitarian aid.

Dede, pinpointed that the states change of mentally over the last 10 years has brought humanitarian aid to a very good place in our country. He also said that "the refugee problem is continuing to grow due to the wars in the world. Due to Turkey's geographical and strategic location, it is seen as an ideal location to seek shelter."

Dede stated that IHH and other partner organizations in the Balkans, the Middle East and Central Asia were assigned to these meetings. He continued by stating that "The most important thing over here is to think about what people can do with the problems they are suffering through in their lands. This is one of the reasons why this consultation meeting is so important. With all the experience humanitarian aid foundations have gained over the years, I believe they will provide the necessary support in the 2016 summit."

In the UN's general assembly meeting last October, they decided that civil organizations need to become more active, in order to find solutions to humanitarian crisis around the world. Therefore, they decided that the world's first humanitarian summit should be held in Turkey.

In the framework led by the Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, especially in the war zone like the Syria crisis, for all natural disasters and humanitarian crisis in the region, it has been decided that for an effective international assistance with the leadership of the UN the summit will be held in Istanbul.

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