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Adem Özköse and Hamit Coşkun are Free
The Humanitarian diplomacy by IHH came up with result, they are Free.
MiddleEast, Syria, Turkey 13.05.2012

As you know, humanitarian relief and human rights organizations have an internationally recognized mission to prevent and eliminate the violations and protect the civilians in human crises as a result of war and/or conflict. In most cases, this humanitarian diplomacy play crucial role in terms of protecting human lives. As a part of that mission, since its establishment, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation has made serious effort in order to save and protect primarily children and civilians in the event of war and conflict. Inspired by our faith that dictates saving a human life is like saving the life of whole mankind, as we touch the lives of others, their happiness and their families’ happiness have been a great reward for us.

We, IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, with a mission as such, it is our duty to prevent the crises that result in so much pain that cannot be erased for years to come and cause people fall into disrepair as well as making sure that primarily the right to live and all basic human rights and freedoms to be guaranteed to all humans without discrimination. It is the duty of us to make the effort to protect and save the civilians whose lives are jeopardized in crises as such.

IHH, which is an internationally operating humanitarian rights and freedoms humanitarian relief foundation, has been following the Syrian crisis from the beginning. It has endeavored various efforts to protect and save the innocent civilians affected by the crisis and has carried out regular aid distribution to the refugees on the Turkish and Lebanese border.  In this regard, negotiations had been carried out with all sides from Syria and Iran. As a result of two-month-long process, it was achieved to set free Turkish journalists Adem Özköse and Hamit Coşkun detained in Syria.

We thank to MAZLUMDER that run with us in the process of these negotiations as well as to Turkish Authorities, all parties in Syria, all media organizations supported us and also to the all people supported us through social media, non-governmental and governmental organization.

In the ongoing process of violations in Syria for a year, some of the journalists went to the region to make news were killed while some others were wounded. In the meantime, our endeavors to release 13 other detained journalists, who went to the region in order to follow what is going on currently in the country and inform the public about latest situation, have still been carried on.

We would like to remark that our efforts for freedom and justice will always be carried on for the people who ever need it.


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