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Community mobilization for orphans in Anatolia
Various activities are being held across Turkey as part of the “Make room for orphans in your world,” campaign launched by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.
Turkey 15.03.2013

 IHH’s “Make room for orphans in your world,” campaign which aims to provide financial and moral support to orphans who live under difficult circumstances across the world, and raise awareness about orphans, continues at full speed.

Teams, which will pay visits to orphans in 23 countries on the occasion of “Orphan Solidarity Days,” held for the third time as part of the campaign this year, have begun their visits. First images from the activities, held on the occasion of Orphan Solidarity Days, came from İstanbul, Antalya, Şanlıurfa, Sivas, İnegöl and Konya. A total of 230 projects will be carried out as part of the Orphan Solidarity Days.

We met with Syrian and Afghan refugees in Sivas

A program was organized in Sivas district of eastern Turkey on the occasion of Orphan Solidarity Days for women where Syrian and Afghan refugee families also attended. The program which drew intense interest of the orphans, their families, sponsor families and volunteers in Sivas, began with recitation of Quran.
Information about orphan relief activities was offered with an audio-visual show after which university students performed a theatre. Following the supper, a yoghurt-eating contest was held for children, which made them have a lot of fun. The winners of the contest were given various gifts. In addition, clothes and toys were given to all the orphans who took part in the program.

Fun on ice rink

Orphans living in İstanbul, their mothers and volunteers attended a program for orphan children held on the ice rink of Güngören sub provincial Municipality of Istanbul. The children and other participants of the program had a lot of fun as they tried not to fall on the ice rink. Then, they had a lunch at the facilities of Güngören Municipality.

Antalya Humanitarian Aid Association organized an event for orphans in the skiing center in Davraz, Isparta. A total of 200 people attended the event. The participants of the event set out from Antalya early in the morning, they had a breakfast in Burdur and then moved to Davraz. Meeting with snow at Davraz Skiing Center, the children enjoyed themselves throughout the day. Children had ski-sledges while adults looked around the region on a telpher. Following the program, the participants of the event were offered meal and tea at Mekke Education Foundation in Isparta.

Orphan solidarity night in İnegöl, Bursa

“Orphan Solidarity Night,” which was organized in İnegöl of Bursa district drew huge interest from the locals. Participants of the event made donations for orphans by texting “YETİM” [means orphan in Turkish] to 3072 from their mobile phones.

The opening speech of the event was made by İnegöl Humanitarian Aid Association President Halil İbrahim Zengin. “IHH has been carrying out relief efforts in remotest corners of the world, from Haiti to Aceh. IHH’s orphan relief activities help orphans grow in the same normal circumstances with the children of their age. In addition, by supporting orphan families, IHH makes it possible for orphans to grow up in their own homes,” Zengin said.

230 projects to be implemented

A total of 230 projects in the fields of healthcare, education and social and cultural areas will be implemented as part of the “Make room for orphans in your world,” campaign, organized for second time this year. IHH, which aims to reach out to 30,000 orphans and include 5,000 orphans to its regular support system, will hold its traditional Orphan Solidarity Days on March 16-31, which coincides with the end of the campaign.

IHH will send teams to 23 countries, where it carries out orphan relief activities, from Turkey as part of the 2013 Orphan Solidarity Days. In addition to orphans in Turkey, IHH teams will visit orphans in Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Arakan, Sri Lanka, Thailand/Patani, Pakistan, Kashmir, Philippines/Moro, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania and Macedonia this year.


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