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Arab convoy for Syria
Representatives from non-governmental organizations who organized the Arab convoy that has set out to Syria came together with reporters at the headquarters of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.
Syria 15.03.2013

 Representatives from Arabic non-governmental organizations which organized the “Pulse of Life” convoy aiming to draw attention towards the humanitarian crisis in Syria, and take relief to Syrian people as the Syrian revolution has entered its third year, met with reporters at IHH headquarters.

There was huge interest from Turkish and international press members in the meeting where representatives from five Arabic countries attended. The convoy aims to take humanitarian aid and medical relief to Syrian people in addition to show that Arab people are at the side of Syrian people.

The convoy will set out for Syria from Kilis province in southern Turkey and has a budget of 5m dollars. The participants of the news conference at IHH headquarters included International Union of Muslim Scholars Secretary-General Dr. Ali Mohiuddin Qara Dagi, President of the Syrian National Council George Sabra, General Coordinator of Campaign (Victory) Dr. Bassam Azaviha, Jordanian Campaign leader Ali Abu Sukkar, Egyptian artist Abdulhakim Petra, Egyptian preacher Safwat Hegazi and Egyptian Counseling and Reform President Professor Nasir al-Din Hqlal.

Yıldırım: Islamic world has shown their determination

IHH President BülentYıldırım was the first to speak at the news conference. Yıldırım said worst kinds of tortures are committed in Syria. “Scholars, opinion leaders of the Islamic world have shown their determination in particular and all the Islamic countries decided to increase the amount of their aid to Syria. That’s why we gathered here today,” he said.

Dagi was the next speaker who said: “Muslims should support Syria. This is a debt of humanity.”
Offering his thanks to the organizers of the convoy, Dagi said: “The most important message of the convoy is that it is unifying the Islamic world. Allah’s victory will be with us only when we get united.”

George Sabra: Syrian people will never forget your support

For his part, Sabra said what is taking place in Syria is part of the Arab Spring. He said Syrian people have always been at the side of oppressed people, adding: “Your aid for Syria will always remain as a good trace. Syrian people will never forget your support.”

“Revolution is for all Syrian people and everyone who wants to live with freedom, be them Turkmens, Armenians, Circassians, Christians or Muslims…. This revolution is for Syria. This revolution is being staged by representatives of all peoples. The sacrifices of Syria will help salvation of the entire region,” Sabra added.

Egyptian artist Abdulhakim Petra who also spoke at the news conference said: “We have seen many revolutions but not one like the revolution in Syria. This revolution is one which brings together struggle and love in itself. This loving nation will never forget the helping hand you have extended to them. I hope that the next convoy will be the last and international convoy. It will be the convoy of salvation from tyranny.”
Hijazi who was the last speaker of the news conference offered his thanks to IHH for its hospitality and everyone who participated in the meeting. “I hope the next convoy will set out for reconstruction of Syria,” he said.  The news conference was concluded with the delivery of plaques to some participants.

12 Arab nations got together

Twelve Islamic countries came together to organize the aid convoy that will take relief to Syria. First trucks of the convoy were expected to enter Syria from Kilis on Friday.

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