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Bursa Sends Off Passengers to Gaza
Passengers of the humanitarian aid flotilla have arrived in Antalya. The campaign is also known as “Palestine Our Route, Humanitarian Aid Our Load” and run by IHH (The Foundation For Human Rights And
Turkey 26.05.2010

Ilyas Saglam, Head of INIYAD Inegol Humanitarian Aid Association, Varol Yilmaz, member of the administrative board of INIYAD, and Fikret Bayram, director-general of Super Kanal TV, all of whom will be onboard the flotilla, has been sent off to Antalya from Bursa by the locals.

Yelken Sports Complex was home to a send-off ceremony for passengers of the flotilla. Ilyas Saglam, Head of INIYAD, said that they have stepped forward to realize the most important goal of their lives and added “All of our brothers around Turkey have left their home cities. Now it is time for the common conscience of humankind to go into action. No matter what Israel may do to stop it, the flotilla will break the embargo. Ships not only from Turkey, but also from all over the world have embarked on to help Gaza. As the people of Inegol, Bursa, we made our contribution to the ships of the flotilla which will sail on to Gaza.”

117,418 Turkish Liras Donated By The People of Inegol For Gaza

Saglam said that donations worth of 117,418 Turkish Liras have been deposited into IHH’s account. Saglam went on to say “We would like to thank those mothers and families who have sent us on this journey. Each and every cent of those donations will reach its destination. Aid campaigns and activities alike were funded by the volunteers of the Association. Real aim of this flotilla is to break the embargo. We will never step back. Allah granted great hopes to IHH in the last 3 years. We are embarking on a beautiful and amazing journey. Israel says that they will not allow the ships into Gaza. No matter what they do, we will break the embargo.” Asking for the people of Inegol to pray for them, Saglam said “There will be live broadcasting from the ship for 24 hours non-stop. If they attempt to stop us, we would like you to hold protest meetings like you did earlier. May Allah be pleased with you all. May your prayers be with us.”

Following the speech, passengers of the flotilla from INIYAD went on their way to Antalya.

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