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Children in Gaza massacred on Universal Children's Day
Children in Gaza have been massacred for days with the bombs of the occupant Israeli army.
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza, MiddleEast, Turkey 20.11.2012

Today is Nov. 20 Universal Children’s Day. Children in Gaza are opening their eyes to more pain, destruction and news of death every day.

It has been seven days since Israel began its attacks on Gaza. A total of 110 Palestinians including women and children have been killed while hundreds of others have been injured in the attacks so far.

The number of orphans and defenseless children in Gaza where there are thousands of orphans due to Israeli attacks is increasing further with the latest Israeli attacks. The massacre of children which takes place before the very eyes of the world is being condemned once again today on the occasion of the Universal Children’s Day.

Nov. 20 was declared to be Universal Children Day in 1989 by the UN in order to carry the rights violations subjected by children to the world’s agenda. This Nov. 20 witnesses the massacre of children in Gaza, Syria and Arakan.

The UN, which aimed to take children’s rights under guaranty with a convention signed by 193 countries in 1989 and forced the signatory countries to make amendments in their domestic law in line with the convention, unfortunately remains silent today in the wake of the ongoing massacre of children in Gaza, Syria and Arakan.

Orphans of Gaza entrusted to Turkey

Opening its arms to 27,233 children with its activities in 41 countries, IHH gives support to orphan children so that they can grow up in safety in their own countries either in their families or in the orphanages established for them. There are 10,746 Palestinian orphans among the children supported by the IHH.

Turkish volunteer families make monthly donations for the orphans in Gaza, the West Bank or those staying in refugee camps in different parts of the world to meet their needs for food, accommodation, clothing, education, healthcare etc.

Everyone can become a part of this chain of benevolence by making a monthly donation of TL90 for at least one year. It is just sufficient to fill the sponsorship form below.

Click to donate for Gaza, Gazan people and children.

Please click to fill the Orphan Sponsorship Form.


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