IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation
Clothing from IHH for the Syrian Refugees
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered children's, women's and men's clothing, shoes and food packages to the refugees who transited to Turkey from Syria last Thursday morning.
Middle East, Syria 24.06.2011

The intensive civil unrest in Syria continues. Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is trying to suppress people's demands for freedom, with blood. The Syrians who run away from the Assad regime's massacres seek refuge in Turkey. While the people who crossed the border live in tents, those who stayed on the Syrian side of the border struggle to live in a forested area in the mountainous region. The military movements on the Syrian side of the border make people afraid. Hundreds of refugees crossed the Turkish border by crossing the barbed wire dividing Syria from the territory of Turkey as a result of Syrian troops coming to the village of Harapcoz, which is only 500 metres away from Antakya's Güveçci village. It was observed that the refugees, who left their homes, possessions, and relatives behind, are anxious and in fear. While people are worried about those who they left behind, they are in the hardship and misery of starting to live a new refugee life.

IHH Board Member Osman Atalay, who went to the region to supervise the works of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, said that those who sought refuge from Turkey but stayed on the Syrian side of the border are in a horrible situation. Mr. Atalay, who said that the military mobilisation on the Syrian side of the border scares people a lot, added that: “We met people who fled through the mountains. People crossed the barbed wire with the fear of the Syrian soldiers. We welcomed them and met their needs. There are people who crossed the border by walking for 5 hours under the sun without stopping in that mountainous area. They only had bags to carry in their hands. They have nothing else; they left everything behind. We delivered clothing and shoes to those people. We gave packages of food. Frankly speaking, there is still a huge amount of tenseness among them. People do not want to go back to their homes because of fear.”

Mr. Atalay, who said that the security measures have been increased on both sides of the border, added that no news has been heard from people in the villages behind the mountains on the other side of the border, and the fate of thousands of people is an unknown.

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