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Final days for the meeting
The children orphaned by the wars, occupations, natural disasters and poverty are meeting in Istanbul. The 4th International Orphan Meeting will be arranged in Sutluce Congress and Culture Center on S
Turkey 13.10.2009

Since 2008, initially in the regions of war,natural disasters and poverty IHH has been meeting the sheltering,food,clothes,education and health needs of the orphans in 21 countries and regions in the world including Turkey. Indiviuals, companies or foundations that want to be sponsor for children, by applying for our foundation can be sponsors within Turkey or different parts of the world by paying 70 TL. Till 2009 August the number of the orphans that IHH has been taking care of in Turkey and abroad by means of the sponsor family system reached to 15 thousand.  Sponsor family system 3. Services for Orphans in Chronicle Famine and Regions of Poverty: Children who lost their parents because of the disaeses,famine and drought caused by poverty come first in IHH,Humanitarian Relief Foundation. Initially AFRICA, in the regions where there is Chronicle Famine and poverty orphans are given aid services.. 2. Services for Orphans in Natural Disaster Regions: In the service to the orphans, the rescue activities come first. The orphans determined after the emergency situations are protected against all kinds of abuses in suitable transitory shelters. Till the relatives of the orphans who survived are found their needs are met, if no one has survied or could not be found from their families, permanent shelters are prepared considering the regional structure and the demands of the foundations cooperated in the region.  The services for for orphans have been continued in the atmosphere of hot war,refugee camps and the regions where the effects of the war are seen. . In the insecure atmosphere of the war, initially the health and food needs of the orphans are met. Against the threats as organ mafia, human traffickers etc. the transportation of the orphans to the secure places are provided. .   The possible financial and inward support are given to the orphans living in the refugee camps near the war zones with the survivors from the orphan’s family,if there is nobody who survived from the orphan’s family, in the most suitable place to shelter that support will be provided. three regions as natural disasters,war and poverty regions: 1. Services for Orphans in the War Zones and Refugee Camps:Wars and occupations are the most reason for the orphanhood.  IHH has been continuing the aid for sheltering,food,health and education in three different categories as Periodical, Time-limited and Permanent . In this frame the working areas of IHH has been separated into Services of our foundation for the orphansWith these meetings IHH aims to bring the troubles of the orphans and children without anyone and the troubles of their countries both in Turkey and out of Turkey and help the fact of orphanhood condensed more in Turkey. Till today IHH organized three times International Orphans Meeting. The meetings in 2005,2006 and 2007 were highly interested. Now IHH has the excitement of arranging the 4th meeting.  After Istanbul,orphans will make presentations in Kayseri, Konya and Diyarbakir.The meeting will be participated by the orphans from Lebanon,Palestine, Iraqi Ethiopia,Sudan,Chechestan,East Turkistan,Macedonia and Turkey. The artists from Turkey and from abroad will sign their loved songs for the orphans. Ömer Karaoğlu fom Turkey, Tyson Amir and Baraka Blue from America, Ammar from Germany and Firqat Al Emjad from Lebanon will join the meeting. Also in the meeting the clip for orphans that will be prepared in Turkish, English and Arabic will take place. Through this clip the messages of orphan children from different countries will be delivered.In the programme that the entrance will be free, the orphans will perform the local folk shows of their countries and sing hymns and songs.Besides their own languages, the orphans will sing songs in Turkish. IHH, Humanitarian Relief Foundation is arranging  the 4th International Orphans Meeting in Istanbul. The meeting that will be arranged in Sutluce Congress and Culture Center on Saturday October 17 will be participated by orphans from 10 countries. Sponsor families will also participate into the meeting that will start at 19:00. 

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