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Gloomy Eid in Iraq
Aid teams of the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation were in Iraq, which is still under the US occupation, during Eid al-Adha. Scores of animals for slaughtered for the Qurban ritual and their meat was
MiddleEast 05.12.2009

Three separate aid teams for send to northern, central and southern Iraq by the IHH to carry out Qurban activities. 

One of the team had talks with Iraqi politicians and representatives of nongovernmental organizations in Baghdad and in neighboring provinces. 

IHH officials noted problems and likely projects raised by Iraqi NGOs and reviewed joint activities.   

NGO representatives expressed gratitude over Turkish people’s help and support and stressed how the Turkish parliament acted in historic responsibility by rejecting the US request to use Turkish territory in occupation of Iraq.  

The Iraqi human rights advocates stated Iraq could become self-sufficient thanks to its underground and surface resources as well as human resource, however, it could not utilize neither its human resources nor its material resources and was impoverished due to protracted wars, and added Iraq could benefit from Turkey’s experience in utilizing its resources in proper use.   

The IHH team oversaw sacrificial slaughters and delivery of meat to the poor in designated locations together with the Nahrain agency.  

The team performed sacrificial slaughters and meat distribution at a refugee camps for Palestinians in the afternoon. The refugees here expressed contentment over Turkey’s stance during and after the Gaza attacks, and said they had always found Turkey by their side whenever they were in trouble, requesting Turkey’s continued support to the Palestinian cause. 

The next stop for the aid team was cities of Samarra and al-Miqdadiyah in Diyala Province, known for its fiercest insurgency against the US occupation. The IHH team carried out sacrificial slaughters in cooperation with the Happy Family agency and distributed meat to needy families. 

Families of orphans were visited and each was given cash donations in this area, where poverty is widespread.  

It is highlighted that progress has been registered in Iraq since early 2008; however, it is predicted that the country, where 1.5 million people have so far died, five million children have been made orphan, three million people have been forced to flee and another three million have been displaced, could face even a bigger humanitarian crisis if necessary precautionary measures are not taken.  

The IHH was quick in bonding with the Iraqi Muslims and left the country among prayers and regards.  

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