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Historic deal brings the Philippines war to an end
An historic agreement has been signed between the Philippine government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) that has signaled the end of a forty year civil war.
Moro 27.03.2014

The civil war that has been continuing for forty years has ended with the Muslim population now having access to more rights. Titled 'the Comprehensive agreement on the Bangsamoro', this now includes the framework agreement that was a peace deal signed in 2012 and the continuing amendments that were added to this.

Taking place in a ceremony held in Manila, many advocates and politicians were in attendance including Malaysian Prime Minister Necib Razak, Philippine President Benigno Aquino, Moro Liberation Front Leader Haci Murat Ibrahim. Representing Turkey was Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Naci Koru as well as Turkish ambassador to the Philippines Esra Cankorur.

Taking part also was IHH representatives Huseyin Oruc and Omer Kesmen who are part of the five members of the Third Party Monitoring Team (TMPT), set up to oversee the agreements set up in 2012.

Speaking at the ceremony MILF leader Haci Murat Ibrahim stated that the Bangsamoro people had finally achieved their rights and freedom. He said that, “This is a joint victory for the both the Philippines and the Moro people. This is not just for MILF but also for the Moro people, for other Muslim minorities, Christians and other natives. Beginning with Selamet Hasimi we commemorate the memory of all the fallen martyrs”.

The Philippine President said that this was a new era and that will not turn back from the road to peace. After the official signing, it is expected to now be part of the Bangsamoro Legislation after approval from the Congress. It is to be expected to be finalized by the 2016 elections.

With the agreement aiming to give the Muslim population wider autonomy, the Mindano Island Home Affairs will be independent however will be dependent on Manila for foreign affairs and security. After the signing a Constitution based on Islamic Shariah will be drawn up and Shariah courts will be set up.

For the Christian community the Philippine law will continue as it has done so in the past. The political parties and parliament will also be setup as well as cabinet ministers assigned to their roles. From this point on more than 12,000 insurgents from the MILF will lay down their guns during a gun amnesty and time given for them to pull back their fighters from the area.

During the forty year civil war between the Philippines and the MIFL, more than 120,000 people lost their lives. Negotiations between the two sides had been continuing for more than seventeen years when the peace deal was signed in 2012.

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