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IHH concludes Eid al-Adha work in Syria
On the occasion of Eid al-Adha, teams from IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation delivered sacrificial meat in many parts of Syria which suffers from hunger and poverty.
Syria 18.10.2013

Sacrificial meat delivered to 300,000 people in Syria

Animals donated as sacrificial animals by people across the world were slaughtered in slaughter houses in Syria and cut into pieces. They were later weighed, packaged and then sent to the regions where people are suffering.

IHH gave priority to Syria for its Eid al-Adha campaign. IHH teams that visited Syria’s Aleppo, Hayyan, Hureitan, Azez, Semmarin and Idlib regions, delivered the meat packages by visiting people in their homes.


Eid in Aleppo

IHH teams that went to Syria for the Eid witnessed the Eid joy in Aleppo’s Hayyan region. Various celebrations were held for children on the occasion of Eid. Allowances were given to children who gave the right answer in a religious knowledge contest which was held in a masjid along with other activities for children who feel the effects of the war most.

The imam of the masjid, Abu Mahmud, said the contest both entertained and educated the children, adding: “It has been children who have been most affected by the war. We organized such a quiz in our neighborhood in order to entertain them and help them forget the effects of war. Children from nearby neighborhoods who heard about the quiz also came. We give presents to all the children taking part in the quiz.”


Eid in Idlib

IHH teams that also visited Idlib on the occasion of Eid al-Adha performed the Eid prayer in a refugee camp.

Celebrating the Eid with the residents of the camp, IHH teams later took part in a program organized for children. On a platform established for children in the camp, Syrian children sang songs and played games.
IHH teams later visited the poor families in Idlib and took the meat packages to the families in need. Visiting many neighborhoods of Idlib, the teams shared the joy of Eid with families who could not afford to slaughter an animal due to the ongoing war and poverty.


Eid in Hama

IHH delivered Eid al-Adha aid in almost all the regions of Syria. One of them was Hama. Here, IHH teams also delivered sacrificial meat to the Syrians who have observed the third Eid al-Adha under attacks.
The people in the region said they were hoping for the organization of some festivals to be able to eat some meat but Allah sent them sacrificial meat.


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