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IHH has completed repairing the houses of 20 orphan children in Turkey
IHH, offering regular service to 32,000 orphans in 42 countries and periodical service to children more than 100,000 in countries more than 100 across the world, also turned the houses of 20 orphan families into livable places in districts of Kahramanmaraş, Şanlıurfa and Adana in Turkey.
Turkey 26.09.2013

IHH providing regular support for 3609 orphans in 44 cities of Turkey, also takes care of education, health and social welfare needs of the children and families. After a regional survey, initiating feasibility studies related to 20 houses in a bad condition in Kahramanmaraş, Şanlıurfa and Adana, IHH completed the repair works of the houses in the summer period and delivered the houses to the families. Qatar-centered RAF Foundation and Humanitarian Services, Esenler Municipality, #EKİP Social Media Group and charitable people contributed to the house repairment project for families of orphan children.

A mother whose house was repaired and who was preparing to spend her first winter in her renewed house expressed her feelings, 'I'm living in Şanlıurfa. I'm am the mother of five orphans. We were not in a good financial either when my husband was alive. We were working in seasonal jobs. My husband passed away due to a traffic accident three years ago and I was all alone with my five children. Our living conditions were extremely bad. We, as a six-person family, were living in an adobe house of 38 m² with a single room. Believe or not, we were using that room as kitchen, bathroom and bedroom at the same time. Next to our house there was an outdoor toilet without a door. And one day, IHH volunteers showed up and made some observations in our house. I thought that "they would not come back" when I received an answer like "If God permits, we will try to help you" to my question "Could you help us?" However, I kept my hope alive by thinking "what if they come".

IHH volunteers came back and said that they will hopefully repair our house. They asked if we had a bigger land apart from this place of 38 m² in order to build a bigger house. We said we unfortunately didn't have. They said the land was too small and they needed to look for a way to do something. That made us very happy. They convinced my father-in-law and they made our land 66m². I was so glad that I was asking myself if this was a dream. They sent me to my village and told me to come one and half months later. I took my kids and went to my relatives in the village. When I returned, I saw that they both demolished our old house and removed the wreckage, and built a new and bigger house within one and half month period. A brand new house... A beautiful house, toilet, bathroom and kitchen of it were completely independent from each other. They completed a wonderful work including kitchen cabinets, countertop, paint and white wash, electrical installation and water system. They also bought us some household goods, which still makes us feel as if we were in a dream. Thank God it is real! Now I'm living happily and peacefully with my kids in my new house offered by IHH. Especially my children are very happy. Neighbors are visiting to convey their best wishes and praying for IHH volunteers. May God be pleased with those who contributed. Thank you IHH.'


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