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IHH calls for support for Philippine peace
The Committee of Independent Observers including IHH completed its 2-week field work in Moro, Philippines.
Moro, Turkey 05.03.2014

The committee of Independent Observers including IHH completed its 2 weeks long field work regarding Moro Peace Process in the Philippines. The committee spent the second half of February in the region monitoring the development of the peace process. IHH Deputy Head Hüseyin Oruç from the committee called Filipinos to give support to the process.

One of the five committee members, IHH Deputy Head Hüseyin Oruç said that they suspect there may be objections against the peace process in the government. He stressed that the parliament needs to pass certain laws as soon possible in order to complete the peace process. .

Oruç also highlighted that the agreement is more in line with the realities of the region compared with the past and added:

“People say that it is time for peace now. Muslims and Christians alike want peace no matter what. There is a certain fraction opposing the process regarding it as the division of the Philippines but there is a great majority who does not think so. There are a number of people who voice out that an autonomous Muslim territory of Bangsamoro will benefit the Philippines. Moreover, the government, the bureaucracy and the president have a clear attitude favouring the peace. The peace process is developing in a positive manner.”
Oruç, also called out to Filipinos to support the peace process.


The long form agreement is expected to be signed between the parties within a month and the bill prepared concerning this issue will pass in the parliament at the same time. This will allow the control of the autonomous region pass to an interim government which will rule till the elections in 2016 and that will mark the end of the period of transition to a full-fledged peace.

The Committee of Independent Observers is established to monitor the development of the peace process in accordance with the short form peace agreement signed on 15th October, 2012 between Philippines government and MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front).

The Committee of Independent Observers meet every two months or in necessary occasions to monitor the implications of primarily the short form agreement signed in Bangsomoro and its annexes and other agreements signed between the parties concerned.

The committee headed by the former UN Ambassador to the Philippines, Alistair Mac Donald has the following members: Deputy Head of IHH, Hüseyin Oruç, Head of Mindanao Human Rights Action Center, Zainuddin Malang, The Asia Foundation's country representative for the Philippines and the head of Peace Institute Gaston Z. Ortigas.

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