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Mavi Marmara trial adjourned to Oct.10
The third hearing of the Mavi Marmara trial, which is closely followed by the entire world, was held on Monday. The trial will continue as of Oct. 10.
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza, MiddleEast, Turkey 21.05.2013
The trial was held at İstanbul 7th High Criminal Court. Thirty-four Turkish and five foreign victims and complainants were heard at the hearing. 
The court decided to wait for the arrival of notices rogatory to the suspects personally. The court also rejected requests from the victims and complainants for the issuing of arrest warrants, requesting red bulletins and extradition of the suspects considering the fact that it is not yet known whether the suspects were informed about notices rogatory sent to them. The court adjourned the trial to Oct.10 taking into consideration the length of legal procedures and the court’s busy schedule.
Lawyers of the victims who made a statement following the trial said: “As lawyers of the victims, we asked the court to issue arrest warrants, request red bulletins or extradition orders for the suspects saying that notices sent by the court were received by Israeli Foreign Ministry and this information should be included in the case dossier and it is impossible for the suspects not to have any information about the trial, which is followed by the entire world. The court rejected our requests at this hearing on the grounds that it is not yet certain whether the suspects received the notices and in order to carry out court procedures perfectly in line with the principal of fair trial. However, in the upcoming hearings we expect the court, after concluding that notices were received by the suspects, to implement its rules for fugitives, issue arrest warrants for the suspects, demand their extradition to Turkey as part of European Convention on Extradition which Turkey and Israel is a party and request Interpol to issue a red bulletin for the suspects.” 
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