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Orphans become the guests of Kayseri Municipality
The orphans that the IHH, Humantarian Relief Foundation brought to Turkey, have been the guests of Mayor of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, Mehmet Özhaseki.
Turkey 21.10.2009

Meanwhile the artists who attended to the Orphans’ Get Together Program Ömer Karaoğlu from Turkey, Tyson Amir and Baraka Blue from America, Ammar from Germany, Firqat Al Emjad from Lebanon, with a group of orphan children visited Private Safa College. Children later visited the Mayor of Melikgazi Municipality, Memduh Büyükkılıç. In the program, a plate of gratitude was given to Secretary General of Metropolitan Municipality Mustafa Yalçın for his contributions and supports for IHH. After the speeches a Palestinian child coming from Lebanon gave a scarf symbolizing Palestine and a photo album taken in Palestine after the Israeli assaults. Mayor Özhaseki giving various presents to the children was taken a souvenir photo with the orphan children in the entrance of the City Hall. Özhaseki gave various presents to the orphan children and the children gave the presents they brought from their countries to Özhaseki. Oruç saying that as a result of the recent high tension between Turkey and Israel, Israel did not allow the ten Palestinian children who would come to Turkey for the Orphans’ Get Together Program said “ Our Palestinian children living in the camps in Lebanon are representing our Palestinian children.” IHH, board member Hüseyin Oruç drawing attention that “ there are 143 millions of orphans in the world said "As a result of the studies that we made as the foundation, we managed to take the mercy of the people of Anatolia to 120 countries. We are trying to be cure for the big troubles there. Right now there are 143 millions of orphans in the world. 2.5 millions of them are under the threat of organ mafia, prostitution mafia,harassment and famine. In a manner of speaking the orphan children go with those who hold their hands. That is why they have to be held by their hands. We are in a great effort as foundation in this issue. Now there are 15 thousands of our orphans that we permanently care. Our aim is to increase this number to millions with the support of our charitable people.”Özhaseki pointing out that he congratulates the managers of the Humanitarian Relief Foundation who take an important mission in the protection of these orphans, said “As the municipality we are ready for all kinds of help and support. If there is a mission on behalf of us, we fulfill it. We will be happy if we can make at least the faces of a few orphans smile”.Özhaseki said "In the life going on fast, among the business of world we see a kind of pause. We see a picture that enables us to check the things going on around us. In the geography that the Ottomans once had sovereignty there was the justice and mercy of the government. People were in peece and wealth. After the World War I, as the Ottomans lost their power and the bad events developed after that, today there are blood,eye tears,tyranny and trouble because of that. There are millions of children effected the most by this trouble atmosphere. Now as the condition is like this, instead of sitting and crying we have to give them hands in the frame of the opportunities."  Özhaseki coming together with nearly 40 children in the City Hall emphasized that in the lands inherited by the Ottoman geography blood and eye tears were common. Mayor Özhaseki said it was an honor for him to welcome the orphans in Kayseri who came to Turkey for the 4th International Orphans’ Get Together program.  

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