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Somalia gets 17 water wells and 1 masjidSomalia gets 17 water wells and 1 masjid
The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which has been carrying out social relief activities in Somalia, has recently dug 17 water wells and has built a mosque.
Africa, Somalia 13.03.2010

Somalia is the most problematic country in Africa, which is home to world’s poorest countries. Located in the region named the Horn of Africa, Somalia has a population of around 10 million people. Poverty is widespread in the country and each year thousands of children die from diseases caused by undernourishment. The country has been a frequent item on the agenda of the international community for the ongoing civil war and maritime piracy.   

Access to clean drinking water is a big problem in Somalia as it is in the entire Africa. The IHH has so far materialized various social relief projects in Somalia and dug 247 water wells in the country over the past three years. The foundation also drilled another 17 wells in 2010. Each well will provide thousands of Somalis with clean drinking water. The wells were funded by donations and were named as: Afiyet, Akar, Darusselam, Emir Ömer Toğay, Erdemliler Derneği, Geyve, Hacı Ahmet Uzuner, Hızır Aleyhsselam, Kamil Saade, Kılınç Ailesi, Mevdet, Murat ve Halise Aksu, Özay Emren Aytekin, Özcan Ailesi, Özden, Şifa Barış and Tarsus Merve Eczanesi water wells.  

Local people get new masjid

Almost the entire Somali population is Muslim. However, in rural regions local people cannot afford to build mosques and masjids for communal prayers due to economic hardships. The IHH built a masjid on a 117 square-meter land in Ahemmedhuu village of Shabelle, 65 km west of the capital city Mogadishu. Local authorities were present at the inauguration ceremony of the masjid named Mahmud Esad Coşan. The masjid will serve to 1450 local families.   

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