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The Ship “Mavi Marmara” Anchored In Antalya
The ship Mavi Marmara arrived in Antalya, which has been en route to Gaza in order to deliver humanitarian aid. The ship is now anchored in the New Harbor. Due to routine checks and to finalize loadin
Palestine, MiddleEast, Turkey 25.05.2010

Meanwhile, passengers of the ships to Gaza have been waiting in Antalya, in Kepez Sports Complex. Pro-Palestinian activists gathered in the sports complex yesterday evening to discuss the recent situation regarding the flotilla.

Bulent Yildirim, President of IHH (The Foundation For Human Rights And Freedoms And Humanitarian Relief), gave a speech to the participants, informing them on the latest updates.

Yildirim also stated that Israel has come up with various offers to stop the flotilla from directly entering Gaza Harbor. Yildirim said “Israel told us to deliver the humanitarian aid cargo to Ashkelon Harbor and that Israel will transfer it to Gaza. Israel claims that they are helping Gaza as well. However, weren’t they the ones who murdered children in Gaza? Today, Israeli and Egyptian officials held a meeting. Once they heard that we will not accept their offer about taking the aid cargo to Ashkelon Harbor, they are now telling us to go to Arish Harbor in Egypt. However, our goal is directly arriving in Gaza Harbor.”

Yildirim went on to say: “Once the flotilla embarks on its journey, Israel will accuse us and say: ‘The ships are coming to help Hamas.’ No. We are going there to help women, children and the elderly. We are going to Palestine to defend those innocent people. Hamas or other political or non-governmental organizations in Palestine are working towards whatever their goals may be. We, surely, are working for helping the oppressed no matter what their religion, language or race may be. We have people from over 50 countries onboard this ship including Jewish people, Christians and Muslims. They have all come together for the dignity of humankind. They, all, are people with conscience. How happy for us to be together with those people.”

25 MPs from different countries will also be onboard.

A number of writers and MPs in addition to hundreds of human rights activists are also joining the 9-ship humanitarian aid flotilla. 25 MPs in total will be onboard the flotilla to Gaza including 1 MP from Kuwait, 10 from Algeria, 1 from Jordan, 3 from Yemen, 1 from Bahrain, 1 from Morocco, 2 from Egypt and 3 from Ireland.

The cargo ship named “Gaza” will be carrying 2,104 tons of cement, 600 tons of iron bars, 50 tons of ceramic tile adhesive.

“Defne Y” cargo ship will be carrying 150 tons of iron, 98 power units of all kinds, 50 precast homes, 16 units of children’s playgrounds including combined sets, seesaws and slides and medical equipments such as ultrasound scan devices, X-ray devices, electric patient beds, dentistry units, Doppler echocardiography devices, wheelchairs, disabled electric mobility scooters, stretchers, deambulateurs, autoclaves, mammography device, microscopes, hemodialysis machines, radiology monitors, crutches, ENT Units, operating beds, gynecological couches.


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