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Two-year-long conflict takes heavy toll on Aleppo
The violence which has been going on in Syria for the past two years has ravaged Aleppo, one of the most important cities in the country.
Syria 11.03.2013

 The clashes, which began two years ago in the region, caused great damage to important cities. Aleppo, a commercial and cultural center and one of largest cities in the country, has been constantly bombarded with heavy weapons.

Examinations made by IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation teams that take relief to Syrian people, in Aleppo, have revealed that 35 percent of the city has been demolished.

Residents of Aleppo are now unable to meet their daily needs. They do not only suffer from attacks but from hunger and epidemics.

People have difficulty in even accessing fundamental necessities such as water and bread to continue their lives. The infrastructure in Aleppo is completely damaged, which leads the city water to be contaminated with dangerous bacteria.

14,000 people including 700 children killed
More than 14,000 innocent people were killed in Aleppo alone in clashes, which most hurt the civilians while 50,000 others were injured. In attacks carried out by sharp shooters with the use of heavy weapons, more than 700 children, aged 0-12, were also killed.

In the city where regime forces strike bakeries and hospitals in particular, the number of hospitals which has been bombed has risen to four. A total of 270 people who were being treated at these hospitals lost their lives in the bombed attacks.

Bakeries hit deliberately
Hundreds of bakeries across Syria have been bombed by regime forces. Many bakeries in Aleppo were also the target of such attacks, which led to the killing of hundreds of people who were in a queue to buy bread.

The demolishment of many bakeries in Aleppo makes it very difficult for Syrians to have bread. Several bakeries in the city make bread under difficult circumstances by using the flour taken to the region by IHH.

There are 1,000 women are held hostage
Around 1,000 women have been held hostage in Aleppo during the two-year-long conflict. Ninety-five women have lost their lives due to torture so far while hundreds of others are missing and their relatives know nothing about their whereabouts.

Twelve journalists killed
Among those who were killed in the crisis-stricken region are journalists who travelled to the region to cover the conflict.

Journalists who try to inform the world about the ongoing tragedy in Syria become targets of sharp shooters.

Twelve journalists including those from international media organs have so far been killed in Aleppo alone.

Around six million people in Aleppo who are constantly bombed from air and land are in urgent need of basic items such as food and clothing to continue their lives.

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