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What do Mavi Marmara talks held in Israel mean?
A statement from IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation about the Mavi Marmara talks held in Israel between Turkish and Israeli officials:
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza, MiddleEast, Turkey 06.05.2013

Is it the power of money? Is it the power of law?
We have felt the need to inform the public about the issues below due to the latest developments in the ongoing talks between Turkey and Israel concerning Israel’s illegal attack on Mavi Marmara ship in international waters in 2010.

What does Israel trying to do?
At the beginning, there was a dominant view among Israeli people and military suggesting that Israel should never apologize to Turkey over its attack but the cases filed against Israeli military officials should be dropped paying the necessary amount of compensation to the families of the victims. Including IHH into the list of terrorist organizations by a Cabinet decision, Israel was planning to take revenge from IHH in this way by holding it responsible for the difficult position it fell into. Israeli people and military have been convinced after a visit to the country by US President Barack Obama that normalization of relations with Turkey is for the benefit of Israel, then came Israel’s apology to Turkey. Although some leading figures from the Israeli military accused Netanyahu government of stabbing its military on the back by offering an apology to Turkey and admitting that Israel was wrong in the attack, most Israeli people and Israeli military were in support of the conclusion of this issue so that it does not give further damage to Israel. Israel, which got lonelier following its Mavi Marmara attack, and underwent political and economic losses due to criticisms from all around the world at himself, was actually spending millions of dollars to stop its losses.

However, Turkish government, which displayed a political and diplomatic determination for an apology at the beginning, later demoted the issue to compensation for which Israel was already ready and found simple. Moreover, compensation talks began even without setting the requirements of international law in similar cases as an example. This was just what Israel wanted, to pay compensations and cover up the matter as soon as possible. It was aiming to prevent the trial of the killers! However, Israel very well knows that it knew no end in demanding compensation from every Nazi in Germany and ensured punishment of each of them [for what they did against Jewish people].

As IHH and other organizers of the Freedom Flotilla, families of the Mavi Marmara martyrs, charity givers who made donations to this ship and all passengers, we would like to underline once again that:

-First of all, Mavi Marmara is a part of struggle of Palestine-AlQuds
-The flotilla began its voyage in order to break the illegitimate blockade imposed on Gaza by passing through the Mediterranean.
-By violating international law, Israel committed many heavy crimes in international waters
As a result of this:

1- Israel should remove its blockade on Gaza.
2- All the political and military masterminds of the attack should be brought to trial and be punished.
3- Israel should pay compensation for all pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages it caused.
In a show of respect for the memories of Mavi Marmara martyrs, honorable struggle of Palestinian people, and Masjid al-Aqsa, we think it is an action of betrayal to Jerusalem to talk about the compensation issue and accept a deal in this regard without the removal of the blockade and punishment of the criminals.
Public surveys in Israel show that Israeli people believe that the Turkish government should take the necessary action to break the insistence of martyrs’ families about the end of Israeli blockade on Gaza and that the US also be actively involved in the process. Yet, the real crisis point is the trial in which Israeli commanders, who were involved in Mavi Marmara attack, are tried because Israel wants to save its military officers and commanders from a trial as soon as possible.

Mavi Marmara trials in Turkey have the potential to set a precedent for all the other Mavi Marmara trials in other countries and trials concerning the issues of Palestine and Masjid al-Aqsa. This means a blow to Israel’s legal shield and an important step in the medium-term for the end of occupation of al-Quds.
Improving relations with Israel, which has so far brought nothing but tyranny and pain to the world and the Middle East in particular, has been of no benefit either to Turkey or to other pro-peace people of the world until today. Relations with Israel will mean nothing than making Turkey be a partner of Israel’s tyranny and pain and tears it caused. Peoples who want peace are against Israeli State officials and political parties who sit around a table with Israel and make bargaining for a compensation for the blood of the martyrs should all keep this in mind.

In conclusion, our legal struggle in Mavi Marmara Criminal Case in which individuals from 37 countries seek justice against killers who committed brutal murders by shooting at the victims dozens of times, will continue. This trial is a test for the common conscience of the humanity.

If at the end of their talks Turkish officials reach a deal with Israel that will prevent the punishment of the criminals, this will not only hurt dignity of humanity but it will also hurt conscience of the people. If a deal with Israel leads to the dropping of the cases against this country and allows the continuation of Israeli blockade on Gaza, Turkey will be the losing party.

Until today, brutal Israel was the losing party, we want this to remain the same from now on.
IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

What did Israel do after offering an apology to Turkey?

 ( March 21- April 24 2013)

21-27 March 2013

A total of 26 Palestinians including six children were arrested in the West Bank.


A Palestinian child who attempted to enter Israeli border was arrested in the Gaza Strip.



Border crossings between Gaza Strip and Israel were fully closed for five days.


A three-acre land in Al-Jalama in north of Jenin was seized by Israel to expand commercial crossings.


Israeli forces began to confiscate land for dozens of houses that will be built in al Hadar village in Bethlehem.


Large agricultural fields in Nahalin village in north of Bethlehem were seized by Israel.


Israel reduced the six sea miles it set for Palestinian fishing boats to three sea miles in Gazan coast.



Israeli forces ravaged newly-sown fields in Khan Yunus and Karni regions with bulldozers and tanks.


28 Mart, 03 April  2013


Israeli forces killed two Palestinian civilians and injured four others in Anabta village in east of Tulkarm.


Israeli carried out an air strike on an education facility in Deir al-Balah in Gaza.



Israeli forces continued to use excessive power against peaceful protests in the West Bank.



In demonstrations in the West Bank, six civilians including four children and two photo journalists were arrested.


Border crossings between Gaza Strip and Israel were completely halted for four days.



Five Palestinians four of whom are children were arrested as they were passing through a civilian control point.



Israeli forces allowed Palestinian fishing boats to sail only for three miles.

Israel carried out two air strikes in Gaza Strip.



Israeli settlers uprooted 200 olive trees in al-Qader village of Bethlehem.


04-10 April 2013

Ten Palestinians including three children and one women were detained during demonstrations against Wall of Shame and Israeli settlers on the grounds that they gave support to jailed Palestinians in Israel.



Israeli forces opened fire on houses and agricultural fields in Qarara village in south of Gaza Strip.



55 people including eight children were detained in the West Bank.

Border crossings between Gaza Strip and Israel were completelyhalted for three days.

Four Palestinians two of whom are children were arrested as they were passing through a civilian control point.



Israeli forces allowed Palestinian fishing boats to sail only for three miles.



Israeli forces ravaged a water well in south of al Khalil.



100 olive trees and 200 almond trees were cut by Israel in al Khalil.


11- 17 April 2013


Four Palestinian civilians two of whom are children were injured during attacks on the West Bank.


A shepherd was injured after Israeli forces opened fire on him in the center of Gaza Strip.



40 Palestinians seven of whom are children were arrested in the West Bank.



Border crossings between Gaza Strip and Israel were completely halted for four days.



Israeli forces allowed Palestinian fishing boats to sail only for three miles.

In order to construct new settlements, Israeli settlers uprooted dozens of trees in the West Bank



A child in Takou village in southeast of Bethlehem was attacked by an Israeli settler.




Three Palestinian farmers were injured by an attack from Israeli settlers.


18- 24 April 2013


52 civilian Palestinians six of whom are children were detained in the West Bank. 


Seven buildings and two workplaces belonging to Palestinians in East Jerusalem were demolished by Israel.



800 olive trees in BaytDajanin East Nablus and Yatta in al Khalil were uprooted by Israel.

11 tents and vegetable stores were demolished; 30 civilians 29 of whom are children were left homeless in North Jordan Valley.



A newly-constructed house and two agricultural chambers were demolished in al Khalil.



Israeli settlers opened fire on dozens of vehicles in DeirJarir village of Ramallah.


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