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There's not much time, they're freezing.
In Syria, an average of 10-15 people live in a tent. The majority of these people are women and children. Tents aren't warm enough. Children do not even have proper winter clothing.

‘’This tent is home to 15 people. You can see the feet of the children. We don't let our kids go barefoot in the winter. We need to help these people who are having a hard time. Some people think that this is too much help. We help people who are in trouble. Regardless of what others say. And I remind everyone, I make a call: Your value to Allah will be clear whether you are with these people here or not.

Firewood is one of the most important problems in Syria. People who are poor and don't have enough coal or wood to burn try to stay warm by burning garbage they find, and this won't keep you warm and is very bad for your health.

In this tent, there are nine people. A small stove is used to heat them. Since they don't have any coal, they burn the garbage they find outside. During the Syrian war, this is the worst kind of tent that has ever been made. It doesn't keep out either cold or heat. It goes wherever the wind blows. We went to these places and took responsibility for them. We will build homes there with roofs and walls made of concrete.

Thousands of families live in tent cities in Syria. Tens of people freeze to death every year due to tents that are unstable to winter conditions.

Syria has a lot of these kinds of tent cities. This tent city is home to 2,000 families. When it rains in the winter, these places turn into ponds and mud. The tents get wet and dirty. Tents can't be lived in. A tent is home to about 15 people. There are kids, and all of their feet are bare.

A tent destroyed by severe snowfall. It is not known where the families living in this tent went.

Here I am calling out to our donors who have supported us for years. Do your part while these women and children wait for your help. Put your footprints here so you can join people in their prayers. I don't know what else to say. May Allah make you all useful in this work."

Bülent Yıldırım / Chairman of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation

Winter is here in Syria. Those in need who live in tent cities are in a tough situation. They try to survive the harsh winter conditions in tents with no protection, but this is not possible. Mud, wind, and snow ruin the tents and freeze the children. Syria's needy people are waiting for us. Food and fuel are needed immediately. Let's warm them up together and not leave them alone in the freezing cold.