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Compliance and Risk

The Compliance and Risk Unit contributes to the follow-up of business and transactions according to existing and to be established directives. It makes direct recommendations for improvement or regulation in business and transactions. By participating in commissions, which are internal governance structures, it supports making decisions in accordance with the corporate culture.

Follows up on activities aimed at preventing negativities that may occur in IHH's business and operations. Ensures the development of policies against money laundering, terrorist financing, bribery and corruption.

Provides support to risk assessment and control activities. Monitors the activities of the Foundation and makes recommendations regarding risk and control activities. Tests the appropriateness and effectiveness of controls. Adapts the necessary check and balance mechanisms to the system in order to minimise IHH's exposure to risk in every field as much as possible.

The community and donors should be assured that donations and volunteer efforts made to IHH are used for legitimate purposes and achieve the intended benefits. Therefore, the Compliance and Risk Unit develops the business processes in IHH's activities according to national legislation and international standards.

IHH carries out all its activities, business and transactions related to these activities in accordance with the regulations in the IHH Corporate Handbook. IHH Corporate Handbook and directives have been prepared for all units to work in harmony and to carry out their activities in accordance with their objectives. The guide includes the forms that the relevant unit should use and the instructions that it will refer to while carrying out its work. In this context, the Compliance and Risk Unit tries to ensure that IHH's activities are carried out in accordance with the regulations and directives and that the language used by the foundation is in line with the corporate culture.

Within the scope of reviewing the documents in IHH's hierarchy of norms and completing the deficiencies, internal legislation development activities have been implemented and the Compliance and Risk Unit supports these activities. In this context, IHH's policies, guidelines, regulations and directives were handled from a compliance perspective and risk analysis approach, and improvements were made by taking into account national legislation and international standards.