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IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation was founded in Istanbul in 1995 to structure humanitarian aid work initiated by volunteers who could not remain insensitive to the Bosnian War that erupted in 1992. 

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation assists victims of war, occupation, and natural disasters, as well as people in need who have been displaced and become refugees; in addition to in-kind and cash assistance, it also supports those in need with long-term projects. 

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation also provides emergency aid, social assistance, education, and health care, as well as resolving grievances resulting from human rights violations. In this context, IHH's priorities are to bring the aggrieved geographies supported by aid and development projects to the forefront of the agenda, to inform opinion leaders of our society's grievances, and to take concrete steps toward a solution by raising awareness on this issue. 

In addition to regular Ramadan and Qurban aid, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation implements long-term projects in areas affected by war, occupation, and natural disasters. These projects include the construction of permanent residences and educational facilities, as well as the drilling of water wells. The problems of the aggrieved geographies are announced to the public through the campaigns that the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation brings to the agenda on a regular basis, and important projects are carried out in the aggrieved geographies with the support of the Turkish people. 

In addition to the studies it conducts in different parts of the world, from Asia to Africa, from the Balkans to the Far East, the IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation addresses an important need in Turkish geography. The IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which sets a good example for civil organizations' active role in the improvement and construction of society, works to eliminate grievances caused by natural disasters and continues its aid activities in Turkey with projects such as educational aid, Ramadan and Qurban aids. 

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, which is defined by the General Directorate of Foundations as "the foundation that makes the best use of its resources" and is deemed worthy of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey Distinguished Service Award, prioritizes the realization of permanent projects in the geographies in which it operates and continues to work in the fields of social assistance.

Firsts of IHH

  • IHH is the first NGO that broke the siege in Sarajevo to deliver aid and to raise awareness about the horrible things happening to Bosnians during Bosnian War.
  • IHH is the first Turkey based NGO that delivers relief aid to 123 countries across five continents.
  • IHH is the first NGO in Turkey that carried out international Eid al-Fitr charity campaigns.
  • IHH is one of the first relief organizations that entered Gaza following the fall of the wall built on Egypt-Gaza border.
  • IHH is the first charity organization from Turkey that delivered aid to Kosovo.
  • IHH is the first charity organization in the world that delivered aid to Chechen people.
  • IHH is the first NGO in Turkey that launched a nationwide campaign for Africa (2006 Africa Emergency Aid Campaign).
  • Kosovo government named IHH among the top three organization that delivered the greatest amount of aid to the country.
  • As a Turkey-based NGO IHH launched the biggest healthcare campaign in Africa with its “Cataract Project”
  • IHH is the first NGO in the Islamic world that carries out humanitarian diplomacy.
  • IHH organized an international humanitarian aid flotilla headed to Gaza in 2009 by land and in 2010 by sea.
  • IHH carried out the greatest humanitarian diplomatic operation since WWII in the world by facilitating the release of over two thousand captives and prisoners in Syria in 2013.
  • IHH established Independent Monitoring Council of five members including one IHH representative to supervise and monitor Philippines-Bangsamoro peace process in 2013.
  • IHH proposed World Orphan Day to OIC which endorsed it and announced 15th of Ramadan every year as such in 2013.
  • IHH organized “Open the Road to Aleppo” convoy of 5.000 vehicles with over 40.000 participants that drove from Istanbul to Antioch in an effort to open safe passage for civilians in besieged Aleppo in 2016. As a result of its humanitarian efforts 45.000 civilians were evacuated from Aleppo to safe zone.