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It evaluates risk management, control and corporate governance processes in order to achieve the objectives set by IHH in accordance with its founding purpose. It carries out audit and consultancy activities in order to improve and develop all these processes.

The Foundation carries out the following audit activities by the relevant boards within the legal processes.

- Internal Audit
- ISO Quality Management Audit
- Internal Control
- Field Inspections
- Independent Audit
- Tax Exemption Audit
- Other Audits
- Internal Audit Unit

The internal audit of IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation within the scope of the relevant law is carried out by the Auditing Board elected among the members of the Board of Trustees. Internal audit is conducted every year and the Internal Audit Report (Annex-7) is submitted to the General Directorate of Foundations.

In addition to the Audit Board, IHH has also established an Internal Audit Unit. The Internal Audit Unit carries out its duties in accordance with the working procedures and principles in the Internal Audit Standards published by the Internal Audit Coordination Board. It audits the internal systems and methods of the Foundation's headquarters, branches and representative offices, as well as its domestic and international activities, to ensure that they are implemented in accordance with the procedures and principles stipulated by law in order to increase efficiency. In addition, it provides consultancy services in requests for information and opinions requested by the Board of Directors or relevant units. It reports the internal audit work carried out to ensure the continuity of the system, to eliminate system deficiencies and to develop it according to new needs, to improve the functioning, to protect assets, to investigate the damages caused or likely to be caused and to prevent risks, and submits them to the Supervisory Board and the Secretary General.

Internal Control Unit

The Internal Control Unit is authorised by the Board of Directors. It aims to ensure the appropriate, economical and efficient use of resources, the reliability, integrity and timely availability of personal and corporate information while supervising the compliance of IHH's activities with laws and regulations.

IHH's activities are recorded and processes are monitored through the SistemPlus ERP system and digital archive and filing are made on the system. In projects and assignments, separate transaction controls are carried out by the Internal Control Unit at the initial request stage and at the final file closure, and instant process follow-up is ensured.