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Intifada: The uprising of Palestinian children
The Intifada, which was the first collective Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian Territories, began in Gaza Strip on 8 December 1987. The progress of the peace talks
Palestine, Palestine-Gaza 08.12.2014

The accident which triggered the Intifada

The immediate cause of the First Intifada came on 8 December 1987 when an Israeli army tank transporter ran into a group of Palestinians in Gaza Strip, killing four and injuring nine. This incident prompted Palestinians to start the Intifada.

First demonstration

The first demonstration was organized by the Student Council of the Gaza Islamic University. The Palestinian youths gathered around the Shifa Hospital where wounded Palestinians were taken to.

There were general strikes organized by HAMAS, boycotts on Israeli products, refusal to pay taxes, graffiti, and barricades which all spread from Gaza to the West Bank.

Stones versus tanks

Palestinians used stones and rods against heavy weapons used by Israel. The Palestinian death toll reached 1,300 during the Intifada. Israeli attacks left tens of thousands of Palestinians with some form of disability just because they hurled stones at Israeli forces. Despite Israeli massacres and tortures, the Palestinian resistance continued with the participation of all Palestinians no matter they are women, children or old people.

Uprising concluded with deals

Peace talks between Palestine and Israel, which were suspended due to the material and non-material damage sustained by Israel, came to the agenda at the Madrid Peace Conference in 1991. The First Intifada which began as an uprising in 1987 was concluded with the Oslo Accords in 1993.  

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