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Anti-Corruption and Bribery

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation continues to carry out its capacity building works. The foundation, which develops systems for continuous compliance with the Personal Data Protection Law, also made the International Information Security Management System sustainable within the organization and received the ISO 27001 standard compliance certificate at the end of 2018.

In 2020, IHH earned a certificate again by establishing an international management system in accordance with ISO 37001, the Anti-Corruption and Bribery System, in line with the principles of transparency and accountability, after a 6-month preparation process that includes theoretical information on the fight against corruption, case studies, and questions and answers about lived experiences. In this context, IHH, which has operationalized its policies, will undergo regular surveillance audits every year within the scope of a 3-year certificate valid as of October 5, 2020. Certification was carried out in accordance with NAVIGA Inspection and Certification Procedures.

ISO 37001 specifies and guides the requirements for a management system designed to help an organization prevent, detect and respond to corruption, and to help the organization comply with anti-corruption laws and voluntary commitments to its operations.
The framework of anti-corruption practices within the institution covers all personnel, management and relevant third parties in the foundation, and this sensitivity will be represented at the highest level at the level by the Secretary General.

The duties to be undertaken regarding the relevant operational roles will be followed by the Corporate Compliance and Risk Coordinatorship, and the Control Supervision unit will assume responsibility for the internal audit roles to be performed at least once a year.
The ABMS management representative (Secretary General) leads the Compliance and Risk officers and subsequent related operations, validates the documents and manages the allocation of necessary resources for this purpose.

All personnel and management were prepared for ISO 37001 by providing notification and training on the roles, responsibilities and procedures of all units, and the system began to operate. Among the policies developed within the scope of the process, there are policies such as gifts and entertainment, notification and expression, prevention of retaliation, prevention of conflict of interest, communication, and business ethics guide.

After the trainings, the basic philosophy and objectives of the ISO 37001 standard were learned, information was obtained about the benefits of the standard, the structure, articles and conditions of the standard were learned, the connection of daily business activities with the ISO 37001 standard was understood and the ability to effectively apply the standard in business processes was gained.

IHH, with the aim to carry out humanitarian aid activities in war and war-torn regions, regions struck by natural disasters, poverty-stricken countries, and regions, to prevent the impediment of the fundamental rights and freedoms of these people and to raise qualified people, continues to develop its systems with the support of senior management.