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Donor Rights

IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation, knowing that it is a virtuous behavior to donate and share on a voluntary basis, accepts the donor rights stated below in order to gain the trust and respect of its donor.

  • Our donors have the right to ask questions and receive immediate, accurate and clear answers while making a donation.
  • To obtain information about the board of directors and managers, waiting for managers to fulfill their duties in a prudent manner in accordance with the corporate culture,
  • To be informed about the mission and vision of IHH, how the donation will be used, and its capacity and intention to use the donation efficiently for its purposes,
  • Access to annual financial information,
  • Requesting a guarantee that the donation will be used in accordance with its purpose,
  • A proper thank you,
  • To demand the confidentiality of their donations in accordance with the law,
  • Demanding that all relations established by all employees representing IHH be at a professional level,
  • Knowing whether the person requesting for donation is a volunteer or an employee,
  • Seeing donations at any time,
  • Request deletion of contact information.